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Mobile Coffee Van with Established Run

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  • Mobile Coffee Van with Established Run

    Great Opportunity!

    My sons privately owned and set up coffee van with established run and forward event bookings;

    Not a franchise and at liberty to go wherever there is work;

    Can produce figures for interested parties;

    Reliable late model van and (Council approved) fitout, all new equipment supplied at fit out including a dual 240V inverter electrical system that runs off a bank of deep cycle batteries........runs silent and recharges fully over night from household power. This system is also trickle charged from the vans alternator while it is running.

    Coffee machine is tricked up (by me!) to increase electrical efficiency and pulls at full amperage from the inverter system (ie recovery is quicker than normal, and the electric element capacity has not been reduced as in some franchise van systems, so coffee is properly extracted and steam capacity is not compromised when doing events).

    Inverter system means you are not tied to ever rising fuel prices and expensive generator maintenance costs.

    Capacity to work and earn money is only limited by owners ability as an entrepeneur to find and lobby event and site managers to secure in advance, entry to their sites, and to be willing to work flexible hours.

    The van and run are in Wollongong.........working 7 days.

    For further details please telephone my son Adam on 0400 469 711.

    first / original CS site sponsor.

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    Re: Mobile Coffee Van with Established Run

    Looks like a great opportunity for a CSer wanting a sea change Attilio...

    Hope he finds the right buyer



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      Re: Mobile Coffee Van with Established Run

      Thanks Chris,

      had an immediate response after posting this add...great stuff, and a fellow flew in from interstate yesterday to check it out......

      And yesterday was one of the BIG days at one of the local football events so he came at the right time to see it operating under very busy conditions.

      Again, this is a great opportunity and the figures are there.



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        Re: Mobile Coffee Van with Established Run

        Thought Id bump this back up to the top.

        I had been getting ready to put a nice "SOLD" announcement on, but the buyer pulled out yesterday.

        A great opportunity presents itself here so if you have any interest please give us a call.



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          Re: Mobile Coffee Van with Established Run

          Here is a photo!


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            Re: Mobile Coffee Van with Established Run

            Heres another:


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              Re: Mobile Coffee Van

              Thought I would bump this to the top because this van is up for sale again now.

              Was sold, the buyer ran it for a few months then stopped making payments, we reposessed. Everything is legal.

              Brings back memories of a certain TV network, Alan Bond and Kerry Packer!

              So up for sale again.

              Enquiries to Adam @ 0400 469 711.