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!!SOLD!! PP Solis SL90 Semi Auto + bits $350

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  • !!SOLD!! PP Solis SL90 Semi Auto + bits $350

    Hi all,

    as the result of a rush of blood to the head (bidding finger issues) my 6 month old Solis Crema SL90 needs to find a new home. The machine is in excellent nick and hasnt given me a moments problem. Makes great microfoam with plenty of steam for doubles plus more to spare. It has been a great first machine and is consistent and easy to use.

    Basic Details
    Australian Importer Diamond C
    Made in Switzerland
    300ml Brass Boiler (same size as the Silvia)
    Full Brass group head and portafilter
    Electronic Temperature control for good stability.
    Easily removable 2l water tank
    Pre Infusion of the shots
    12 different Volumetric shots (I dont use them)

    Additional owner reviews here

    Whats included in the sale.

    Machine shipped in original box flushed cleaned and ready to go, with 1 & 2 shot Pressurised baskets (nearly unused), Pod Filter (unused   )

    But wait theres more  

    Included free in this sale is a 53mm Rattleware Tamper (circa $50), a 600ml Stainless milk jug and no its not steak knives but 2 Glass Arcoroc 250ml Cups and Saucers (included because they suit the machine).

    And if you order now I will include free an unpressurised filter basket ($20) to make proper espresso shots 8-)

    How much you ask over $750 worth of value in this package but for 1 week only $350 and it is all yours  

    + postage at cost to your location.

    Bad mobile pic, better ones when I charge some batteries.

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    Re: Solis SL90 Semi Auto + bits $350

    No love for Mistress Solis

    Slightly better photo of the toy. If it is not sold by the end of this weekend it will most likely finish up at work if I can find the room. I would prefer to sell it for the space.

    Just finished a nice double Latte with some Aussie MTE549 and going back for another 8-)

    To encourage anyone considering it $320 firm for all the above and I will throw in a 250g bag of the 549 as well


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      Re: Solis SL90 Semi Auto + bits $350

      Hi Beanflying,

      Just a newbie here... Have been on for a month or two buzzing around as I have been looking at an espresso machine...
      Was originally looking at the Silvia or Gaggia Classic... but saw this pop up and looks like a pretty good deal.

      Can anyone give any opinions on the Solis SL90?
      It seems like a solid machine with good quality parts...
      Is it work the extra $500 for the Silvia?

      PS: I am in Melb Beanflying so am interested...


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        Re: Solis SL90 Semi Auto + bits $350

        Hi Warwick,

        there is only one other regular here that has one and I know JavaB used to have one as well. From having a read up before I got this one the US forums are the best place for info. Generally the responses were that it steams better than the silvia but with practice the shots from the Silvia can be better.

        Some older threads on Silvia/SL90
        and a review of its manual brother the SL70

        welcome to CS too


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          Re: Solis SL90 Semi Auto + bits $350

          Thanks for that Beanflying...

          It seems like a great deal, especially considering I can get a decent grinder for $400 approx and it will cost the same as a new Silvia.

          Where are you located?


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            Re: Solis SL90 Semi Auto + bits $350

            On hold for Warwick till Friday.


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              Re: Solis SL90 Semi Auto + bits $350

              Sold pending payment to Warwick


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                Re: !!SOLD!! PP Solis SL90 Semi Auto + bits $350

                Good stuff bf,

                If you can drop us a line when the deal is done, well close the thread for you...



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                  Re: !!SOLD!! Solis SL90 Semi Auto + bits $350

                  Mistriss Solis Paid for and heading off in the post Monday.