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!!SOLD!!: Compak K3 Touch grinder

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  • !!SOLD!!: Compak K3 Touch grinder

    Upgraditis has hit in the form of a new Mazzer, so the Compak is for sale.

    The Compak was purchased from Talk Coffee on 24 October 2008 and has been used for approximately 20 coffees per week. It has been trouble free.

    Chris at Talk Coffee has cleaned the grinder and pronounced it to be in excellent condition.

    RRP $600
    Sell for $400

    I have the original box, but not all the packing.  Pick up would be preferable.  Located in central Melbourne (Hawthorn)

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    Re: Compak K3 Touch grinder for sale

    pm sent


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      Re: Compak K3 Touch grinder for sale

      Hi Mary....

      Let us know when the K3 has sold (dont think itll last long at that price ) and well close off the thread,

      All the best,


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        Re: Compak K3 Touch grinder for sale

        which mazzar r u upgrading to ? is it that much that better or how is it better than the compak K3 touch?


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          Re: Compak K3 Touch grinder for sale

          I have the Mazzer Mini Electronic.

          I guess the short answer is that I have upgraded my machine to a Giotto Professional, and just wanted a good match in terms of performance and looks. Chris at Talk Coffee had one available wholesale, so I went for it.

          The choice was really on reputation. I am not in a position to comment on the grind quality as I only used the Compak with the new machine a couple of times. The Compak does a good job.

          I am happy with the ease of use.
          It is less messy as the funnel doses more exactly into the centre of the basket. As the coffee enters the funnel, there is a device to break up clumps also.
          It is easier to adjust the dose timer on the Mazzer.
          There is a cradle on this Mazzer to hold the group handle while the coffee is grinding. That is something I never thought about before, but am finding it quite useful eg you can manually spread the grounds while it is dosing if you wish as you hands are free.

          It is a more refined and less bulky piece of equipment and looks good.

          After all that I think I need to go and use it!


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            Re: Compak K3 Touch grinder for sale

            too bad its not in brisbane. Im after one


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              Re: !!SOLD!!: Compak K3 Touch grinder

              SOLD!!!! Andrews taken it to a good home.

              All the best with it Andrew. Let me know if you have any queries.