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!!SOLD!!: VBM Domobar Super

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  • !!SOLD!!: VBM Domobar Super

    Gday all!

    Well my faithfull VBM Domobar Super in SS is now up for sale. Were in the process of moving from Sydney to Tassie, and I have used this as an excuse to ugrade everything  ;D  The grinder went first and was replaced by a Robur-E, and the VBM is being replaced by a Faema E-61. However, the little baby will be sorely missed; this was my first introduction to quality espresso machines, and it is capable of making a superb cup. It has serious steam capability, the E-61 mechanism is fantastic and overall it is a top-class machine. In short, its a semi-commercial grade machiine which has had rave reviews since its introduction; plenty have been sold, and will continue to sell because the quality in the cup of this machine speaks for itself. For me, I can say this machine taught me to make, and therefore to really be able to appreciate, good coffee. I have absolutely no regrets in buying this model, and highly reccommend it to any other snobs looking to step up in the world.

    My baby is just over 2 yrs old; purchased from Chris @ Talk Coffee. It has been used for approx 2hrs per day since then; averages 4-6 shots per day (sometimes a few more, sometimes a few less). Home use only; has only ever had Brita filtered water in it; descaled every 6 months and cleaned with espresso cleaner (backflush, etc) minimum weekly. My wife only drinks long blacks, so with this, regular cleaning and descaling, and my normal procedure to flush the boiler before each shut-down, all water from the boiler is completely clear.

    As can be seen from the pics the bodywork is in great nick; there is some staining around the group head and piston top. There is also some rust staining in the drip-tray for the water reservoir. All this is purely cosmetic; the machine is in excellent condition and functioning very well.

    The machine is currently at Dennis (Cuppacoffee) shop in Sylvania - if you would like to see it and have a play, please email or phone me, and I can organise an appointment with Dennis for you to pull a few shots.

    It comes with the two group handles, a blind basket and a double basket (as pictured). If you have any questions or want further info, please pm me, or better still since Im on the road for another week and out of easy internet access, please call me on 0402 926 279.

    ASKING PRICE $2300  (current RRP for the SS is $3200)

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    Re: FS: VBM Domobar Super

    Addit - the big move has all happened now, so I have my internet connection up and running again, and can therefore reply to questions, etc!

    Not much interest at this stage it seems though -

    price drop to $2200.

    Feel free to ring on 0402 926 279 with questions or queries though.

    Jon - now back in Sunny(????) Hobart


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      Re: FS: VBM Domobar Super

      lol @ sunny Hobart

      Good luck Jon, shes a good looker.


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        Re: !!SOLD!!: VBM Domobar Super


        thanks for the views everyone, and will take some pics of the new setup and post them soon too.