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!!SOLD!!: Rancilio Silvia with warranty

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  • !!SOLD!!: Rancilio Silvia with warranty

    Having recently suffered an acute and chronic case of upgraditus, I find myself having to sell off assets to fund HX therapy.

    Although purchased from Coffee Parts new on 4/5/2009 it is not the current model with ball joint steam wand, but the one previous.
    With four months warranty remaining, this machine is in very good to excellent condition.
    Always regularly cleaned inside and out, and fed by a large Stefani water filter.

    Unlike many 240v Silvias, there is no temperature surfing required for brewing with this machine. The temp is correct the moment the element light goes out. Details on request.

    All original items such as both baskets, Manual, paperwork, original box & packing, scoop etc.
    Bonus items:
    58mm solid SS tamper, a bit ordinary but fits the baskets (tragically I lost the plastic original)
    21g La Mazocca basket (for making flavor bombs)
    K-type thermocouple fitted ready for plug & play with a digital thermometer (keeping the meter for my roaster)
    New spare group seal & gasket.
    Modded screen screw with allen key included.

    Price is $590 for pick-up or add $25 for parcel post in Eastern states, and Ill quote other areas if needed.
    Delivery is free for Sydney south of the harbour.
    For anywhere else, a half way meeting point can be arranged.
    Im located one hour south of Sydney CBD.

    The only noticeable scratch can be seen above on the chrome plastic group cover which is replaceable.
    The terracotta glow in the first pic is a reflection from the large water filter beside Silvia.

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    Re: FS: Rancilio Silvia with warranty

    Hey there,

    How is temp surfing not needed? PID?

    Good luck with the sale of a very well priced Silvia! Great machine, I loved mine!


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      Re: FS: Rancilio Silvia with warranty

      Hi Mate,

      I tried various thermostats till I got one that turned off at the temp I wanted, they varied.
      The original was 107 deg. @ light out - way too hot @ the puck. Current one 98 deg. and good taste shot - about 92 @ the puck.
      Did the Gronk thing for a while but like temp surfing, grew old waiting.
      Happy the way it is now, as it should be. Readings arent accurate but results are good.


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        Re: FS: Rancilio Silvia with warranty

        pm sent


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          Re: FS: Rancilio Silvia with warranty

          Hi fim,
          Just wondering, how long does the Silvia take to come up to temp after you switch it on in the morning?
          Regards, Glen


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            Re: FS: Rancilio Silvia with warranty

            Glen, a Silvia will take to 30-40 mins to totally get up to temp, group and all.......can be easily put on a auto timer though($10-$20), to turn on before you wake up! (make sure you tighten the steam knob the night before though)



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              Re: FS: Rancilio Silvia with warranty

              Originally posted by 6B6F495050554A5D523C0 link=1262433130/5#5 date=1262556794
              can be easily put on a auto timer though
              Hmm...that worries me with this class of machine WSully :-/. All you need is a small leak from the steam wand (which will happen with a Silvia- its just a matter of when) and you slowly empty the boiler.

              Left unattended, either the thermal cutout trips or you kill an element at well over $200....

              I would not advise that any single boiler mahcine be placed on a timer.



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                Re: FS: Rancilio Silvia with warranty

                Fair call 2mcm, i must admit i was very careful with mine, and it was set to switch on only 15mins before i woke, then i would tighten the steam wand prior to it getting fully warmed up, having said that it could happen by someone simply turning it on and leaving the area for a while(me) :came back to a large puddle, fortunately not burnt out though 8-) but very close!

                sorry for the average advice mate, delete if you want



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                  Re: Heat up and steam leaks

                  Yes 40 mins is about minimum to get complete temp. saturation.

                  The trap with the timer and steam wand is caused by the fact that when cold there is no drip but as it heats up and builds steam pressure behind the tap seal, drips start if not tight enough.
                  Not a problem unless you are asleep!


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                    Re: FS: Rancilio Silvia with warranty

                    btw.. nice photos!! Makes me wanna buy it even though i already have one :P


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                      SOLD - Silvia with warranty

                      Thanks Menace, I guess the photos did the job, because a local CS just walked in and said "its mine."
                      Thanks to everyone who inquired.