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!!!SOLD!!! Has Garanti 10kg Drum Roaster

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  • !!!SOLD!!! Has Garanti 10kg Drum Roaster

    Up for sale is my Has Garanti HG10 drum roaster.

    Was purchased new late 2007, sat in a crate for 8 months and has only had a relatively light workout since.

    Natural Gas, Black and Stainless. Can be easily converted to LPG burners by authorized gas fitter.


    1. Chaff cyclone base was removed, rotated and re-welded at a better angle to move the opening door and inlet around the front (different to the pic) for improving airflow exhausted from the roaster. I cant understand why it was made the other way in the first place.

    2. Fan motor replaced with similar but higher-spec CMG unit.

    3. Drum paddles were modified to reduce incidence of the occasional "double-roast bean" (a.k.a. the blacky - sorry, not a racist statement). This was a big job, but very worthwhile in results.

    5. Burner was replaced with a high-efficiency unit that runs at a lower KPA - suitable for 1.1 KPA installation (much improved aspiration).

    You are welcome to take the original burner with the roaster, or an even better solution is to contact Mark at CRA who can supply you with his new excellent burners for a couple of hundred $$ if you want to run this baby at full charge and sustained higher outputs.

    Changing the burners essentially make it a completely different roaster.

    This roaster is a 3-motor model and can easily be adapted for enhanced cooling tray performance using a $150 fan unit if required (a mod that some HG owners use). We didnt need this as our Roastery has a VERY large cooling system.

    This roaster works very well and has been lovingly maintained - regular cleaning and greasing. Roaster had to be moved out of Roastery to make room and is sitting in the corner of the warehouse under a tarp - so I can start it up with electrics to show most the vitals, but cant gas it because the NatGas is terminated in the Roastery room and for some reason Bunnings dont sell natural gas extension leads.

    Sad to see it go and will make a perfect system for a snob thinking of getting their toe in the water. It is really tuned for great 3-8kg batches.

    Equipment is in Melbourne and you would need to organize freight. As a guide, freight up the east coast would be around $400-$550.

    Will train you (provide guidance) on how to extract the best from this roaster - saving you $$thousands$$ on trial and error greens. Speak to any new roaster owner and they will tell you its a steep learning curve - advice is priceless.

    $11K plus GST. Tax Invoice supplied on sale.

    Serious buyers only - please no curious tyre kickers.

    PM me for more details.



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    Re: Has Garanti 10kg Drum Roaster

    Hi ccc,

    PM sent


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      Re: Has Garanti 10kg Drum Roaster


      I have recently placed a deposit on a 5kg HG as explained would be very interested in talking to you about the roaster.

      Jeff, If you could ring me or send me a message  it would be much appriiceated.

      Kidn Regards,

      Nathan 2


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        Re: Has Garanti 10kg Drum Roaster

        Hi Jeff
        we may be interested in your roaster
        what is the best way to contact you to organise demo ?


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          Re: Has Garanti 10kg Drum Roaster

          Sounds good, PM Sent.



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            !!SOLD!!: Has Garanti 10kg Drum Roaster


            Quite a lot of interest in the roaster since listing with a few parties in discussion.

            Unfortunately folks, Nathan didnt waste any time and has snapped it up very quickly. Its going to a good home in sunny QLD and Im sure Kerrie and Nathan will be very happy with it.

            Mods, please close off the thread.