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FS - Rancilio Lucy rebuild, Gold Coast

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  • FS - Rancilio Lucy rebuild, Gold Coast

    Hello all,
    My fiancee and I have just bought a house, and as I am pretty much behind a Cyncra every day, its time for her to go.

    I acquired Lucy from a relative in December 09, whom had it sitting covered up their garage since shortly after its purchase in 2001.

    I immediately began pulling her apart, completely cleaning it inside and out. New bits and pieces were ordered and i began to rebuild.

    The boiler has been replaced as of last year, along with the upgrade to V2 Silvia steam arm.

    Machine has been wonderful as we all know they are, i havent used the built in rocky grinder, as I have a separate one, but the blades are in great condition (relative to its minimal use).

    Steam pressure is fantastic, builds quicker and stronger than the V2 Silvia i had in Melbourne.

    The only things that are not 100%
    -Whilst moving into our new place, the original group handle cracked at the joint, so a new handle will be required.
    -Its missing the foot on the front RHS, again lost in moving

    I would have liked to include a tamp and sold as a package but my reg is used at work also.

    Im happy to throw in a set of 6 duralex (still boxed) too.

    Since the rebuild to be honest I have barely used her, at a guess ive run no more than 3 kilo through.. none the less, regular cleaning was of course maintained, and appropriately drained when out of use.

    Again, I dont really want to sell her, but i have other priorities.
    Im looking for $500

    Im located in Varsity, Gold Coast.
    The best way to contact me is just to send me an SMS, 0413516063, Im working most of the time and can never really answer the phone.

    Ill try and get some pictures up in the next couple days if anyone wants them, otherwise your welcome to come look.


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    Re: FS - Rancilio Lucy rebuild, Gold Coast

    is it the model with the timer on the grinder?


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      Re: FS - Rancilio Lucy rebuild, Gold Coast

      Interested. You have been SMSed!


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        Re: FS - Rancilio Lucy rebuild, Gold Coast

        Originally posted by 4368646C7A44090 link=1304087424/1#1 date=1304120854
        is it the model with the timer on the grinder?

        It is a doserless grinder so unlikely, I had one of a similar vintage and you held the portafilter against a microswitch to turn the grinder on.