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!!!WITHDRAWN!!! - FS Rancilio S24

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  • !!!WITHDRAWN!!! - FS Rancilio S24

    Ok this machine has been a faithful beast I bought her second hand maybe two years ago and she has been recently serviced including a recent descale and new seals applied

    I havent got the specs on me and Im away from home at the moment so I will post pics upon my return

    The S27 is a commercial machine capable of producing excellent coffee and she has served me faithfully and well!

    Mainly she has been used to make one or two coffees per day three days per week (when Im not working) and she has been used for a few catering gigs - most recently over new years when I went camping with a group of 200 good folks and made coffee for all of them (ok 80 were kids!)

    This is a single group machine which has been exceptionally well looked after and included after and included are a single and a double group handle

    Its not the prettiest machine that I have ever used but it is commercial build quality and the quality of the coffee it produces reflects this

    Will post photos and specs as soon as theyre available

    Machine is priced to sell at $1000 and price is not negotiable

    Pick up only from west Preston in victoria

    Demonstration of same will impress and is definitely an option for genuinely interested parties only

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    Re: FS Rancilio S24

    Ok Ive pulled some specs off the net I believe these are accurate

    Factory Rated Performance: 70 drinks/hour/110V, 85 drinks/hour 220/240V

    Boiler: 4 liter welded copper boiler with welded heat exchanger. Electroplate finish, automatic boiler water level, anti-syphon valve
    Group: Rancilio forged brass with thermosyphon circulation
    Gauges: 2" diameter boiler pressure gauge
    Safety/Thermostats: Safety thermostat for boiler element with reset, Adjustable pressurestat, Boiler pressure safety valve
    Pump: Procon reciprocating pump with by-pass valve
    Drip Tray: all stainless steel with hook-up to drain
    Bodywork: Baydur baked enamel on die-cast aluminum over iron-frame/ stainless steel
    Dimensions: 610mm H x 200mm W x 390mm D (18" H x 14" W x 20" D)
    Weight: 42 Kg. (93 Lbs.)
    Power: 1200 watts - 110/120V 1700 Watts - 220/240V

    Included Accessories: 1 Single and 1 Double Portafilter handle each with basket
    Made in: Milan, Italy[ch65440][ch65440][ch65440]


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      Re: FS Rancilio S24

      ok heres some images of the rancilio its a bit dark in my kitchen so I hope they do the machine justice!

      i should also mention that in an earlier post i incorrectly listed this machine as the programable s27 which is not the case its a manual s24 with insofar as I can tell very similar specs in every other way


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        Re: FS Rancilio S24

        Ok so the coffee machine I wanted to upgrade to is no longer available and you dont get rid of an old shoe until youve got a new shoe - so Im going to have to withdraw this machine from sale

        Sorry for any inconvenience caused