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!!!SOLD!!! - Nuova Simonelli Oscar - modified

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - Nuova Simonelli Oscar - modified

    Due to coming across an Isomac Millennium for a song, and the fact that my wife likes the shiny chrome and says I can only keep one machine, my much loved Oscar is up for sale. i must say, I will definitely miss the steam power of this machine. I used a 2 group commercial machine recently for a whole day and the Oscar steams faster than it did!

    I poured considerable time (and not a few dollars!) into modifying this little guy from stock, adding the parts that Nuova Simonelli decided to leave off to undercut the rest of the prosumer HX market. Please take a look at my thread here to get a full understanding of modifications, explanations, tests, etc. but here is a summary of the work done:

    New parts
    - Boiler and stock rubber insulation
    - Pump
    - Shower screen
    - Group seal
    - Steam tip (old and new included)

    - OPV, set to extract a 9bar with double shot flow rate, and markings on the OPV for adjustments from 8bar to 9.5bar, with return pipe to reservoir
    - ECM boiler pressure gauge (ex. Giotto)
    - 3.0 bottom and 3.2 top thermosyphon restrictors (as fitted to Nuova Simonelli Musica - reduces brew temp and minimises rising profile)
    - Anti-vac valve (dont have to leave the steam arm open and then shut when boiler comes to pressure)
    - Boiler further insulated with 2 layers of Insulbrite.
    - Giotto brass one-way valves installed on brew and boiler fill to replace the standard plastic valves.
    - Frame painted with rust-resistant marine primer.

    The result is an Oscar that behaves itself. No more 15bar extractions. No more long cooling flushes and rising shot profiles. No more unknown boiler pressure. No more running to the machine to turn the steam tap off on start-up.

    The machine has obviously been backflushed after ever use, chemically once a week, and descaled 2 weeks ago. Since buying and rebuilding Ive taken very good care of it.

    Included with the machine is the double spout handle with single, double and blind filters.

    Im on the North Shore of Sydney and happy to demo the machine. Happy to box and post if the buyer wants to arrange a courier.

    Asking $750.


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    Re: Nuova Simonelli Oscar - modified

    Good luck with the sale, this is one hell of a machine at a great price!!!!!


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      Re: Nuova Simonelli Oscar - modified

      Hi there,
      After reading through your build thread I was wondering if you found the cause of the channelling and poor shots? How did you resolve it?
      Could you also give me an idea on postage to Varsity Lakes QLD 4227.


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        Re: Nuova Simonelli Oscar - modified

        Yeah I just looked over and realised I didnt update! I wrote a sort of summary of my findings in there:

        The channelling has been eliminated with the following:
        - Dailling in the OPV to the right pressure, before getting Gregs gauge I was just guessing
        - Figuring out the best dose for the machine
        - Being more careful and getting better at distribution
        - Getting a better grinder!

        The only thing with the Oscar Ive found regarding shots is that the group head isnt as forgiving as an E61 (but then again I dont think theres a group head that is), and it tends to speed up a bit more towards the end of the shot, particularly when lax with distribution, than the E61s.

        I just got quotes for ~$25 and $32 for shipping, Ill PM you with more details.


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          Re: Nuova Simonelli Oscar - modified

          Uploaded a couple of videos of pours, one with a naked, one with the double spout. These are examples of pretty standard shots rather than the best ones. Also, the naked handle doesnt come with the machine!




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            Re: Nuova Simonelli Oscar - modified

            Price drop - $700 and negotiable.
            I havent seen a HX that has so many variables sorted out for this price!


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              Re: Nuova Simonelli Oscar - modified

              Hi jb-0101

              I am interested in your simonelli. Please PM me your number, or I can reply to your mail with mine and we can have a chat?



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                Re: Nuova Simonelli Oscar - modified

                Thanks for the inquiries and offers, the Oscar has been sold, pending payment.
                Ill notify when the transaction goes through.


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                  Re: Nuova Simonelli Oscar - modified