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!!!WITHDRAWN!!! - FS: La Scala Eroica - Stainless E61 rotary

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  • !!!WITHDRAWN!!! - FS: La Scala Eroica - Stainless E61 rotary

    I am selling my La Scala Eroica, specs copied below:

    Boiler Capacity.......2lts, HX
    10 Amp, single phase
    Finish - all stainless steel

    Note that it is plumbed (rotary) and has been run on a Bombora filtration system all its life. All parts I am told are standard commercial.

    Stainless is heavy gauge and detailed in contrast to the cheaper flat panel designs on other similar spec machines. This thing proved more stable and has better steam than the Giotto Premium it replaced.

    Purchased new in Australia in 2008 for $4000 and has only been used domestically for 2-3 cups per day. Regularly backflushed and serviced.

    Meticulously cared for and in excellent condition, all it needed on its last service (April 12) was a new shower screen and group seal

    I have only ever used a naked PF, so the single and double handles and baskets are as new.

    Pick up from Newcastle or Sydney (by arrangement) or can post at buyers expense

    Price $1450

    link below:

    Non-sponsor commercial link removed

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    Re: FS: La Scala Eroica - Stainless E61 rotary

    Obviously you said its plumbed, sorry if this is a dumb question but does it also have a water tank? If not would it be difficult to run off a bucket? ta


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      Re: FS: La Scala Eroica - Stainless E61 rotary

      This is a factory plumb-in model, so no water tank. It will draw from an external tank quite easily and there are a few good posts on this site that explain things if you do a bit of a search. Short story is that the pump needs to be adjusted to compensate for the lack of mains pressure and once you set it to this new environment it shouldnt need re-adjustment. This is easy to do via a flat head screw on the pump, which as you can see from the photo of the internals, the pump is easily accessed.

      you will need to borrow or buy a group pressure gauge (~$50) to screw onto the portafilter to test the pressure at the group is 9 bar. Too high or too low you just turn that screw on the pump to suit. 1/2 hour and youd be done.

      it comes with all the braided hoses etc.

      Also, the drip tray lifts out of the lower frame, so it would be quite easy to plug the waste hole and empty the tray al la a pour over machine.

      In my opinion, once you have had a plumbed machine, its very hard to imagine going back.


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        Re: FS: La Scala Eroica - Stainless E61 rotary

        The name alone makes me want to buy this - let alone the thought of a E61 with a big boiler and a rotary pump.

        Good luck with you Scala Eroritica


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          Re: FS: La Scala Eroica - Stainless E61 rotary

          Hey, If you dont mind me asking, why are you selling this?
          Does the naked handle come with the machine?
          Does it hold the shot volumes ok? Have you had any problems with the 3 way solenoid?


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            Re: FS: La Scala Eroica - Stainless E61 rotary

            I am buying a dual boiler rotary machine. I love this machine and have had no issues with it. It is in full working condition. It is suited to someone looking at a similar machine new and wants to save some money

            Shot volumes are very good, even with sub-optimal distribution.

            the naked does not come with the machine, but I can turn the single spout PF into a naked for you if you like. It will look very similar to the one in the pics.


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              Withdrawn: La Scala Eroica - Stainless E61 rotary

              Machine withdrawn