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!!!WITHDRAWN!!! - FS: Hottop B roaster with probe and multimeter.

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  • !!!WITHDRAWN!!! - FS: Hottop B roaster with probe and multimeter.

    I bought this about 18 months ago from another Coffeesnob (scollops), have been using it to roast 250g per week on average. The Hottop-B is very flexible, you can adjust fan speed, heat level and time of roast and save your favourite roasting profiles to 3 memory slots.

    It has the temp probe installed by Greg Pullman.

    In excellent condition, some of the lcd panel is a bit unclear (not the readings, just the little circular bits around each reading).

    I'm also including the multimeter.

    Why am I selling? To be honest my palate isn't sophisticated enough to detect the differences in roasting, and I've picked up an iCoffee which I have been using instead, so this machine is a bit of overkill.

    Price: $1100 including postage to anywhere in Australia.

    I'll post some photos later today.

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    Hottop B - photos

    Photos attached. I will post it in its original box. You can see in the photo of the LCD display that there should be another 'ring' around the parameter selected (on the photo the top time parameter is selected). This doesn't affect its operation.

    Also included are a spare top filter and back filter (ones on machine were just recently replaced and won't need replacing for some time) and a fresh set of batteries in the multimeter! This setup costs over $1700 new so be quick before I put the price up!

    EDIT: Bigger pictures posted.

    EDIT 2: Here is link to original listing by scollops, machine was only a few weeks old when I bought it 2 years ago - note I then bought the multimeter from Andy at Coffeesnobs


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      I had fun with the Hottop today so I've decided to keep it. Mods please mark as withdrawn.