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!!!SOLD!!! - FS: La Pavoni Bar T2 espresso machine- pickup only Brisbane area

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS: La Pavoni Bar T2 espresso machine- pickup only Brisbane area

    Dear CSers,

    I have for sale my beloved Pav, a machine I ran for quite a few years and that which appears in this thread
    It is the titular machine and I measured and commented on it's performance characteristics in the thread.

    I originally bought this machine second hand and completely reconditioned it, including descaling the boiler, pipes and group heads in hot citric acid. All relevant seals were changed, including those in the group head. The pump pressure was adjusted to 9 bar and a new pump motor was fitted. The machine can be plumbed in or run with an external tank. Be aware that as I ran it from a tank, the brew pressure will need to be adjusted if it is to run with mains pressure. In the end I had a machine that was effortless to use as it gave a stable brew temperature almost regardless of the operating conditions. That means no calibrated cooling flush was required.

    Overall, this is an E61 type machine except the shower screens are held in place with a screw. This means easy access for cleaning.

    The machine is in perfect running condition, but has been in storage for about a year and a half. The top seal on the sight glass also needs replacing. I always ran it using filtered water, so it shouldn't need to be descaled. However, the flow restricting jet on the right group head is blocked and will need to be descaled. The left group functions perfectly. Both groups have new group seals.

    The machine has been modified to run on only two of the three elements, so that it only needs a 15 A supply. It can easily be converted back to the original 3 element configuration so that it will require 20 A, but will heat up faster.

    I would like to sell it for $550 as it has the minor issues mentioned above and it may not be as cosmetically appealing as some other machines. However once you've run a commercial machine you never want to go back. Oh and prepare yourself for 10 second milk... it's pretty fast the first time, but one more thing you soon take for granted.

    Comes with 3 porta filters, one is naked. Also a range of coffee baskets for single, double and triple shots.

    The reason for selling is simple; I now live in France and will not be able to run this machine in the foreseeable future... and before anyone one asks, France is not Italy; the coffee is uniformly terrible. Crema is an Italian word, not French.

    I am after a quick sale as I'll only be in Brisbane till the end of August.

    edit: I'm having trouble replying to PMs, so try my email: mjfernee at gmail dot com
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    Sparky... I'm very interested. Emailing through. How many emails have you received so far?
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      I tried sending a email but no reply, is it still for sale?
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        Originally posted by C-man View Post
        I tried sending a email but no reply, is it still for sale?

        I take the it email: mjfernee at gmail dot com = means ???
        Yes that is what it means (but I think you have a typo for mjfernee - you have an i rather than a j), but please edit your post and REMOVE the full e-mail address.
        The reason people don't put the proper e-mail address into posts is so it does not get picked up by auto scanning programs (bots) and added to SPAM lists.
        Even if you have it wrong, better to remove it anyway.


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          Hmmm, like a few others I looked, I read, I dreamt... Saw a spot it might call home...
          I emailed.... Nothing


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            Originally posted by Ol_Grumpy View Post
            Hmmm, like a few others I looked, I read, I dreamt... Saw a spot it might call home...
            I emailed.... Nothing
            Not too surprising as I didn't get the email If you're wondering, I am a real person and was very active at CS until I moved to France. The machine is also real and was working right up until two days before moving, when I switched it off for the last time, let it cool and emptied the boiler. A pretty sad day, given the lack of good coffee in France... Just don't try and tell the french that!


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              For anyone interested in the machine, I will be away until the 16th (as I'm taking the kids to Coochie for a while) with no internet connection. So I'll be unable to reply until then.


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                Hey Mark,

                Nice to hear from you. I actually read your whole thread on the La Pav so I have no doubt you're real. Lol
                Speaking of Coochie... I remember after going over one afternoon, with the better half, we wandered back down to the jetty and on the spur of the moment we had a meal at the 'Cafe Blue', just near the Jetty. Anyway, there we were quietly enjoying some of the finest seafood, fresh from the bay, a little wine... Basking in the serenity of a balmy Brissy evening as the sun set through the palm trees and sunk into the bay...
                Only one thing missing.... Right on queue this fellow turns up, unpacks the most exquisite guitar and proceeds to roll off the most magical tunes and melodies that we were whisked away... to places afar....
                It seems that despite this fellow traveling and performing at all these places, we merely imagined, including no less than Royal Gala Performances for Her Mag.... Well he still calls Coochie home and well when the mood and moon are just right... Well he just wanders down to the Cafe, and the rest I assure you is quite magical.
                The evening became the coffee equivalent of a 'God-Shot'
                Yes, I have very fond memories of good Ol' Coochie. Top Spot!

                Anyway, once you're back I'd love to have a chat about breathing some new life into the Ol girl...


                PM :sent


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                  I'm back from Coochie. I've once more tried to reply to PM's and I get a time error. I'm arranging to view the machine today, early afternoon. For those interested please call me on 33 93 02 16. The machine is in The Gap but I'm currently staying in Fairfield.


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                    I have extracted the Pav from our house and now have it at our current residence in Annerley for anyone wanting to inspect it.


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                      The Pav is SOLD!