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!!!SOLD!!! - FS: EM6910 + extras [MELB SE SUBURBS]

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS: EM6910 + extras [MELB SE SUBURBS]

    Hi All,

    Following my recent bout of upgraditis, I now have my faithful EM6910 for sale.

    Bought new in Nov '10. I've also recently replaced the group head seal and anti-calc filter, not that it really needed it anyway.

    She really hasn't had any major problems while I've had her, and I've regularly cleaned and descaled her as per the manual, and backflushed after every use.

    Included in the sale is a:
    * Grindenstein knock box
    * Basic metal tamper (NOT the Sunbeam one, as I had previously given that another owner when I had upgraded to my current Pullman tamper)
    * All the filter baskets that came with it originally (double, double dual-floored, single, single dual-floored, pod)
    * Double PF (only the double spout as this is all the machine came with)

    There is one thing to note though for whomever's buying it. As posted in the following thread, when I changed the group seal I noticed things were a little less sealed than they should've been, so I fashioned a spacer which has made it good as new.

    The other not-so-major thing to note, is that after I took apart the PF to give it a thorough clean, when I put it back together for some reason the double spout now locks at a very strange angle. Not that this effects any of the functionality though.

    I'm asking for $400 ONO, and would prefer local pick-up, but will post at buyer's expense if required.

    Pics to follow.

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    The other thing I forgot to mention is that there's minor signs of wear and tear, in particular on the steam knob (see pics). Aside from that the drip tray shows minor scratches, as expected from a used machine. This does not effect the functionality though.

    Happy to show a demo for anyone interested. She certainly has the capacity to make a great shot.

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      Price drop $350. I'll throw in what's left of the Sunbeam cleaning tablets too (both cleaning and descaling tablets) - around half a packet left each.



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        considering the boss wants this out of the way ASAP, price drop to $300 ONO.


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          Price drop to $250. It isn't going to drop lower than this, so any last takers before she goes on Evil Bay?


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            ok...this is awkward. I guess I'm a fibber :P

            Price drop to $225.


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              Hi, is this still for sale?


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                Yes it is.


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                  Excellent. Did you get the msg I sent you?


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                    Yeah, sorry. I only just got the chance to reply then.


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                      And SOLD! Mods please change the thread title accordingly; thanks.


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                        Cheers Aaron,
                        very happy with my new toy