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!!!SOLD!!! - FS: (TAS) PID Gaggia Classic and Iberital Challenger (MC2) Grinder + acc

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS: (TAS) PID Gaggia Classic and Iberital Challenger (MC2) Grinder + acc

    Hi everyone,

    Just selling my beloved coffee setup as I will be moving overseas.

    I have a Gaggia Classic which was purchased from a friend in the UK who simply had no time or patience for home espresso. It was purchased I believe in 2007 but used only for several months. And was given to me in near new condition in 2010 (apart from a few scuffs and scratches in the portafilter from using a fork to empty the basket) while I was doing a 9 month working holiday in UK (working at a indie cafe in Glasgow) after which i freighted it back with me. Since then I have loved and cared for the machine. Water backflush after every shot (usually used for 1 maybe 2 coffees a day). Commercial backflush fortnightly. And descaled once every 3-4 months (I live in Tassie descale is not too vital).

    It has undergone many mods:

    - Rancilio Silvia steam arm mod (a must have mod for silky smooth textured milk)
    - OPV set to 9 bar
    - I have also done a preheating copper coil mod, see pic (this has helped greatly with temperature stability as water entering the boiler during shot extraction is already preheated to 80-90C resulting in almost no temperature drop throughout a 20-30s extraction, also helps greatly for back to back shots as again the preheater contains more than enough water for back to back shots)
    - SESTOS PID controller mod (again another mod that is vital for temperature control and stability, can hold temperature to within 0.1C and also helps greatly when steaming milk no need to temperature surf)
    - over the past year I have disassembled the group head 3 times and given it a complete descale with citric based descaler and also soaked the entire group head assembly with commercial backflush powder

    Bottom line is I highly doubt you will find a more temperature stable coffee machine for under 700-800 dollars. And after working at several cafe's and testing certain espresso blends at home I have full confidence that with the right skill you can pull cafe standard shots using this machine.

    I am also selling my Iberital Challenger (MC2) grinder - This is a UK model of the Challenger - practically identical except for the extra feature that the MC2 (my model) has a grind timer. I find it to be a bit of a novelty as doserless push-to-grind grinders really dont need timers as you pretty much have to make sure the right quantity of coffee is ground. But never the less it works identically. For those who have done a bit of research will see that the assembly and conical burr grinder in the MC2 is hard to beat and performs at an exceptional rate compared to other grinders at similar cost.

    CoffeeGeek - Iberital Grinders - All - Dan Gray's Review
    A review of the Iberital MC2 coffee grinder

    Finally I am willing to include depending on whether you want them or not all the accessories listed:

    - Gaggia Classic (2007 build I believe but was given to me like new)
    - Iberital MC2 Challenger Doserless (bought new Sept 2011)
    - Bottomless portafilter (bought from another CS member)
    - 2x single and 2x double baskets (one of the doubles I personally perforated all the wholes evenly with a needle - (helped even out extraction) and the other one is standard)
    - Double spout portafilter
    - 58mm tamper (very heavy solid base and wooden handle fits quite snugly with 0.5mm gap max)
    - sunbeam knock box
    - 4x ACF style Vittoria branded brown cups
    - measuring shot glasses
    - ceramic espresso cups white
    - Commercial descaler and backflush powder
    - backflush blind filter basket
    - Will throw in a small milk pitcher (not the ones seen in photo I will be keeping those)

    All for $750 - pickup would be preferable but am willing to freight nationally at buyers expense. All original boxes are included plus I can pack it very carefully as I have loads of bubble wrap and pillows which I will no longer need when I move overseas.

    You are more than welcome to come and inspect the machine - It would be ideal so i can show you how to use it. Also appologies for the poor quality photos but my camera broke and all i can use at the moment is my iphone 3G.

    Thank you,
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    a Few more pics of whats included:

    - 4 Cafe quality vittoria branded cups
    - an old pitcher that came with the an old coffee machine - wouldnt reccommend for latte art or anything but just steaming milk.
    - Rosewood 58mm tamper
    - Breville Stainless steel knock box
    - 2x espresso, 2x 1oz marked measuring cups, cleaning products (backflush and descaler)
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      Would you freight to 5571? Only interested in the grinder. Cheers Sam


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        Hey Sam, at the moment i'm gonna keep it as a package as I'm trying to sell everything and I think it will be more difficult to sell off individually. However if I find someone interested in the machine on its own/with the remainder of the items you'll be first in line for the grinder. And yeh freight should be fine at $15-25 depending on the quote.


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          bump... Items still available.

          price is negotiable and willing to split items if necessary.


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            price drop - $700 for the lot


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              price drop to $650 for the lot, or make me an offer for individual items. They gotta go within 2-3 weeks or they are being shipped back with me to the UK.


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                may I know whats the postage to postcode 6010 for the lot? thanks


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                  Hi There,
                  Is this still available?
                  If so how much for freight to 2594?


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                    private messages have been sent to a few members, please check your inboxes.



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                      Hi turns out half of the PMs I have been replying to and the freight quotes I have given have not sent through.

                      So from now on please sent all queries and questions to - momtchil - at - gmail - dot - com

                      for those who have PMed me for individual prices.

                      Machine + accessories - 450
                      Grinder - 200

                      Sorry about all of those who have been waiting on replies and have gotten none back but it seems like my replies are just not getting through.


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                        mods, please mark as SOLD. Thanks to all those who showed interest.