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!!!SOLD!!! - Turkish/Greek manual Coffee Grinder and 2-cup Hario v60 plus filters

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - Turkish/Greek manual Coffee Grinder and 2-cup Hario v60 plus filters

    Hi, as another post suggested. I'll be moving overseas and liquidating pretty much all my assets and selling off all my possessions.

    Here I have an authentic turkish style grinder. As far as I know its older than me (24 years). Was handed to me by my grandmother (I'm from Bulgaria - hence the weird origin of this antique grinder) and does hold some sort of sentimental value however I have no use for it. The grind is adjustable by screw from the bottom. It's a conical burr grinder and I would honestly say grind consistency is only suitable for filter/french press. I've been using it with my hario v60 2-cup. Occasionally taking it to uni for my long days as the uni campus coffee is horrendous.

    also got a clear plastic hario v60 2-cup fliter and a pack of filters (80+ left i think)

    iphone 3G photos are miserable but you get the general idea.

    can sell separately but prefer to post everything together.

    Anyway's looking for around $80. but open to other suggestions as I have no idea the true value for the grinder, however I've seen it on ebay (curse me not!) upward of 100 though I have no idea if they are authentic.

    Again not certain about the value of this item and im not trying to rip anyone off. If anyone can enlighten me please do, and even if it happens to be worth more than the price I've put up, I'm not going to treat this as an auction.

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    Re: Turkish/Greek manual Coffee Grinder and 2-cup Hario v60 plus filters

    I'll take it!
    I was going to buy an old one when in Turkey last year but was already over my baggage allowance.

    Please email me your bank details and I'll sort out when I get to a computer later today (on my phone at the moment)


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      apologies... just checked my inbox and someone actually replied just before you Andy... Rules are rules i guess.

      If things fall through you're next in line.



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        please mark as SOLD