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FS: Vintage lever clearout: Microcimbali

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  • FS: Vintage lever clearout: Microcimbali

    This machine is in good working condition although I find the wand can be a bit anaemic. The existing seals work fine and I have a complete brand new set of seals from orphan espresso which will come with the purchase price. It is complete original condition. with some signs of wear and tear All bakelit handles original with no damage.

    As you can see even the words are still intact. This is the one to get not the red/yellow resprayed ones. If you want you can polish the aluminium to mirror finish but I personally prefer the patina and natural protective oxide layer.

    I've made only 2 coffees with this machine since I purchased it. It spends its life in my display cabinet.

    Why selling: upgraditis. Clearing out my entire lever collection to make way for my Faema President.


    Prefer Perth buyer unless you can organise your own transport. I hate to see this functional art damaged in the post.
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    lever clearout you say? what else do you have? I'd love to see the collection!


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      so would I


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        as would i!