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FS: Vintage lever Clearout Gold Olympia Club

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  • FS: Vintage lever Clearout Gold Olympia Club

    Will post some pics but this machine once I get a chance but this machine has had a complete mechanical and electrical restoration in August of this year. The Olympia Club is a much rarer bird than the hundreds of Olympia Creminas flogged on ebay every year at inflated prices. And I personally think it is a much better machine. The old records of original Olympia company were destroyed and from my research with the present Olympia company the 1971 machine appears to be the oldest one I have found. I spent 2 years before locating this specimen I am happy to be proven wrong if you can find an older specimen.

    The restoration is documented in homebarista forum:

    Olympia Club Restoration DIY Rebuild - Lever Espresso Machines •

    It has new: 1. Upgraded Mater pstat 2. New portafilter 3. Asbestos coating has been safely removed. 4. Complete electrical rebuild with silicon wire. It does have a few minor scratches but paintwork is original. I don't believe in murdering these old machines with resprays. You only stay original once.

    The thermostat is original and working. You can't buy this part and most samples will bypass this if it is faulty during restoration.

    Cost me a small fortune to get this machine from Switzerland and was slugged with unanticipated stamp duty. It had to be crated due to size. The spare parts and new portafilter alone cost me $500. (Olympia murder you with spare part prices). And for those who think it is expensive. No it is not I'm selling essentially at the same price I paid for the machine, spare parts and council asbestos disposal costs. I'm not charging manhours.

    I've probably made 10 coffees with this machine since the restoration. Too many other toys in the collection to play with.


    Reason for sale: Upgraditis: making room for the faema president
    Happy to pull shots and demonstrate for serious buyers.

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    Happy to ship if I don't get Perth buyer


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      More pictures of machine
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