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!!SOLD!! Isomac Granmacinino Grinder: $200

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  • !!SOLD!! Isomac Granmacinino Grinder: $200

    Hi all,

    This little grinder has been my "work" grinder paired to a Europiccola and as such has been used once or twice a day during the working week. Has never given any issues and even packs away very nicely into carry on with the Europiccola for trips away (just don't let them weigh your carry on!).

    Now that I'm not at work I have been using it at home for the SO Yemen (the La Pav grinder is for my blends), and seeing the Yemen has run out I don't need the grinder anymore. Plus I feel the need to upgrade to a Mazzer because Santa said so.

    I'm in Perth and the price is $200. (and I need $200 because I was able to "negotiate" $500 from the loving wife who doesn't drink coffee and doesn't understand why I need a new grinder).
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    are you the first owner of this grinder and are you happy to ship it to sydney?


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      Hi summer, I'm the second owner. Shipping to Sydney won't be a problem.


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        and if anyone's interested in seeing whether the grinder still has "it" - here's a shot of Yemen pulled only moments ago.....

        (and it tasted even better than it looked - who says levers cant match pumps for creme? - and more importantly only 300g green yemen left - when is the next shipment due?????)

        Espresso - YouTube


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          Grinder sold on ekBay today, and polished Mazzer on its way.