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Coretto Roaster and beans for sale [Syd]

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  • Coretto Roaster and beans for sale [Syd]


    I have a home grown Coretto for sale. Please note, the Digital multimeter and Laptop are NOT for sale, although the laptop could be, if required.

    This roaster features a table on casters with a pull out bucket/fat type cooling drawer, and bean storage bins.
    It includes the breadmaker, which has had the lid removed, and a hole drilled in the side to accommodate the Multimeter probe
    A mounted fan included
    2 speed and variable Temperature control (almost new) Ozito heat gun has been mounted on a tripod for easily controlling HG height.

    Quite a bit of beans included. I can weigh the beans, but I guess it is between 10 and 15 kg. Last time I checked I had some of the following:

    Guatemala Huehuetenango
    India Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold
    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Special Prep
    Ethiopian Guna Limmu
    Nicaragua Dipilto Estate
    Mystery - PNG Waghi ???
    Peru Ceja de Selva Estate
    PNG Kone Ka Estate AA grade
    Sulawesi Blue
    Decaf WOW - full 2.5 kg bag

    Thinking $240 sounds fair

    Located in Eastwood.
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    Some of the beans (excludes new bag of Decaf)
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      Hi Nico

      How much per kilo for the beans excluding the Decaf? I should be able to pick up from Eastwood



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        Coretto Roaster and beans for sale [Syd]

        Hey. $7 probably. I guess.


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          I should have asked how long have you had them?


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            Coretto Roaster and beans for sale [Syd]

            Man, I just realised my reply never went through. Stupid tapatalk.

            I bought all the beans in 6 batces. Oldest was Sep 2009, pretty sure nothing is left from that batch. Absolute oldest should be under 3 years. Most a lot newer.



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              Coretto Roaster and beans for sale [Syd]

              Price drop to 180 including beans.


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                Coretto Roaster and beans for sale [Syd]

                Moving on thursday. Will look at offers if anyone can collect from Eastwood before then.