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!!!SOLD!!! - EOI Mazzer Major DR SE of Melb

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - EOI Mazzer Major DR SE of Melb

    Hi everyone,

    I have this beauty for sale.

    I want to keep this but have no space as our kitchen is small and Mrs are not happy at all that it's a tad big.
    So I need to sell this and get something smaller.

    From the serial number it tells me it's a 2004 model. The person I got it from told me he had it in storage for a while as his mate went overseas and left it for him.

    The machine is in great condition as you can see, the body is excellent but missing the base plate and I'll take better pics of blades tomorrow.

    I'm not sure on the price as I haven't seen something like this for sale so I'll take on any serious offers.

    You can view, test and pick up only from Mt. Waverley 3149 as it is heavy.

    More information on the new model here I believe is this one (maybe a name change?).

    MAZZER srl

    Thanks for looking, hope to hear from you and pm me if you are interested.
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    to give you an idea of pricing... site rules do state you need to put a price on it though =). looks like custom parts bought to change the chute and hopper. good luck with the sale!


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      As timdimdom stated you will need to post your asking price or the ad will have to disappear.

      Java " " phile
      Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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        I don't believe any thing was modified as other Major DR look the same from the internet as mine?

        Ah sorry about that guys ok I'll be looking for $1000 and go from there. Cheers.


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          Not often you see a Mazzer bag grinder for sale.............


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            I don't why people think it's a 'bag' grinder as this guys use it fine.

            Mazzer Major DR with an antistatic grid. - YouTube

            But it's gone to a good home any how so mods please close thank you.