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!!WITHDRAWN!! Slayer 3 Group

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  • !!WITHDRAWN!! Slayer 3 Group

    I have my 3 group slayer for sale, it has done no work. Unbeleivable machine!!
    Can view running in my kitchen wooden handles, naked and standard.
    Pick up Bella Vista

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    Pardon me for asking.

    You have a second hand $14,000 Slayer which is a commercial machine, that has not done any work, or do you mean it has been sitting idle for some time?

    Can you please clarify?

    Any more information such as the history, color, actual commercial work it has done etc? Photos would be good.

    When you are trying to sell a serious machine like the Slayer, you will need to include more information.

    Thank you.


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      It did 2 months of commercial use (80kg a week) , in a cafe in Sydney but I wanted it at my home as I do more work from home(blend development) , so it is now is installed in my kitchen. It makes a few espresso a day. It is in its standard colour form (black). Exceptional condition. Please provide an email or mobile number an I will send you images.


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        These look like amazing machines. If I ever owned my own cafe, I would dream for this machine.


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          Originally posted by saturatedbrewing View Post
          it has done no work
          Originally posted by saturatedbrewing View Post
          It did 2 months of commercial use (80kg a week) ... now is installed in my kitchen. It makes a few espresso a day.
          Probably better to be clear from the outset so as to not get off on the wrong foot.


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            Have you got any pictures of the machine yet?


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              Please send your email or mobile number and I will send the images. Can't upload but can email or MMS


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                Slayer price drop $10,000 must go this week

                PRICE DROP. Wifey said the Slayer is not welcome in the new house. I am going to drop the price to $10,000so that it goes this week. it will need to be picked up, I can't freight as i require help to lift it, and wifey cant lift it.


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                  Is this for real?


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                    having moved a few 3 group slayers, I can say that you want four people to do it safely. back injuries await those who think otherwise.


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                      Definitely for real! Why?


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                        I think they close to 20K new?

                        And need to be imported, is that right? if so that is really a bargain.


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                          Slayer 3 Group

                          C-man, if you Google Slayer 3Group, you will find:


                          "Coffee Machine Solutions

                          Slayer 3 Group

                          Manufacturer: Slayer
                          New/Used: New
                          Retail: $29,150.00 | Our Price: $28,850.00
                          Dimensions: 1016 mm (W) x 559 mm (D) x 432 mm (H)
                          Weight: 123 kg | Phase: N/A
                          Maximum installed power: 8300 Watts
                          Size: N/A | In-store demo? No
                          Despatch time: Hand-crafted - delivery varies."

                          So, That would indeed make this "the bargain of a lifetime" for someone who can put a lazy $10 k on the table.... :thumb


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                            It would really make a cafe stand out from the rest.


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                              Could you please contact me in regards to this slayer machine.