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[Syd] Rancilio S24, Bogav tamper, Grindenstein knock box, etc

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  • [Syd] Rancilio S24, Bogav tamper, Grindenstein knock box, etc

    We are going overseas for 6 months. Can't take this with us, unfortunately. The price is $1000, including all the accessories below. Pickup only in Marrickville, NSW.

    It's red in colour. This is the vibe pump, internal water tank version. It is very clean, and the inside wiring and boiler outside look very good. Backflushed regularly, and I descaled the lines about 6 months ago. The only problem is a rare spluttering anti-vacuum valve at the top of the boiler. This happens maybe once a fortnight for a little bit so I have never bothered measuring the thread to get a replacement part, which is not expensive. I've set the OPV to about 10 bars of pressure. If buyer can wait a week I will install a new shower screen and gasket.

    Red Rancilio S24, vibe pump/internal water tank with filter
    Bogav tamper
    Red Grindenstein knock box
    2x portafilters
    Milk jugs
    Chocolate shaker
    Backflush powder and descaler
    6 toby's estate white espresso cups
    6 duralex piccolo cups

    Great machine, will be sad to see it go. See here for a high res pic photostream: IMGP0118 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    No interest in this 4L boiler/heat exchanger machine? Ok... Monday price drop to $900 for the package


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      Final price reduction to $810, pickup this weekend, or it goes into storage.


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        Hi quickly, is the S24 still available?


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          Might have missed the chance too but keen to know if there are still the possibility for sale? Live just down the road in dulwich hill.


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            Is the machine still available?