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  • Pullman Surplus Sale

    Hi CSers,

    Over the years I owned Pullman Espresso Accessories (now sold, see, I collected a whole stack of gear, much of which is now surplus to my requirements. It’s going out cheap, the median discount is 60% and most of the gear is in either Very Good or New condition.

    The image below shows all the gear I have available and each item has a number. The Price and Description List contains a brief description of each item, its condition and the price. If you want something, reply to this post with the item number you want to claim it. Once you’ve posted, you’ve committed to buy it at the price listed. Then, email with the item number you’re buying and your shipping address and you’ll get an auto-reply with payment information. Once payment is through I’ll ship it to the address you supplied.

    Add the following shipping by Australia Post to any item you want to buy:
    * Presso, complete tampers with or without baskets: $14
    * Individual small items – baskets (any qty), handles, books: $9
    * Additional items (except baskets): $3 per unit

    Freebies: If you buy something you’re entitled to anything from the freebies corner (items 52-71) at no extra sale or shipping charge. Otherwise the stuff there can be purchased on its own for the price listed.

    Once someone has posted they've bought something, it's sold. I'll try to update the image and price list with what's left but be guided by what's been posted.

    Obviously you won't get a full tamper with most of this. If you need anything else e.g. a base to make a complete tamper, or if you buy a tamper and want it resized, visit as I don't have a lathe anymore. Note some baskets fit the tamper bases being sold here.

    This is stock I held onto when I sold the business so this is a personal sale, not a business one. As such there is no 'warranty' other than the goods are as described.

    If you have any questions about any items, email I think the prices are pretty reasonable and I don't really want to get into email ping-pong re price negotiations, but if you genuinely think any price is unreasonable email me

    Good luck!

    Price and Description List:
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    Hello Greg
    I'm hoping to reserve/buy the following items

    Basket nos 2 4 & 10
    Tamper no. 47
    Freebie no. 66



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      Hi Greg
      I'll take 48 and freebie 53 please.


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        46 Tamp

        ** EDIT- well, that's awkward... Ill revoke my reservation considering FlynnAus' comment below. (also updated Greg via email)
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          Item 46 ordered and paid thanks


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            I'll have item# 21 please Greg.


            *edit ... paid.
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              synesso single basket 15 and tamper handle 50, and freebie 67 please, Greg


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                Hi Greg,

                Would love to buy barista base 51, argent handle 23 and freebie jarrah handle 64 (or 65 or 66) please.

                Thanks, Rick


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                  Hi Greg,

                  You can't have too many coffee things, I'll grab

                  Presso - 16
                  Jarrah handle - 33
                  Freebie handle - 65



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                    Picture updated to show what's gone.
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                      Hi Greg,




                      • #12
                        Hi Greg
                        just paid



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                          Hi Greg

                          I'll grab the 41mm tamper - item #45.



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                            Hi Greg
                            Items #1, 8 12, 14, 44
                            Payment sent


                            • #15
                              Payment sent for 27.