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!!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Rancilio S27 Single grp 10A machine-few issues-used daily $450

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  • !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Rancilio S27 Single grp 10A machine-few issues-used daily $450

    Hi everyone,
    Due to an upgrade I'm offering up my S27 for sale.
    Pro-con Rotary pump, plumb-in/external tank and touchpad semi-auto.
    Designed to run fine off single phase 10A GPO.
    4l HX with 58mm non-E-61, direct conduction group head.
    3-hole steam tip that is a monster. (I use it to sterilise glass jars for bottling jam etc)
    Built like a tank.
    470mm tall, 375mm wide, 515mm deep ~25kg

    It's been used daily for the last 7 years or so.
    I'm told it used to be in a hair-salon and had minimal use.
    Backflushed with water after every session, detergent backflush every month or so (shower screen out and dispersion disk soaked and scrubbed)
    Descaled every year or so - but I've always used filtered water and my supply is soft anyway.
    Also - my wife uses the machine as a kettle - so the water in the boiler has always been cycled.
    Boiler has been insulated with a double-layer Insulbrite "pouch" that I made up that has reduced the power usage when it's on all day.
    Serviced twice under my ownership at Mocopan - but is now <over>due

    On very cold mornings the pump can stick - house temp getting to <10oC. Not a problem in summer.
    I've solved this recently by having the machine on overnight so that the innards are warm in the morning for that first cup. Once hot - it runs fine all day.
    From talking with a few techs it may just need a new motor/pump capacitor as the machine is over 10 years old.

    Touchpad - only half the buttons work at a time - and if you wiggle the connector at the back, the other half work.
    I've got it so that the ones important to me work - hot water, 2 programmed shots and the manual brew/volume programming button.

    No leaks - but probably due for a new group gasket.

    I have both the drip tray with drain tube and I bought a new non-drain drip tray that I use normally. This holds 1.5l or so and is easy to empty.

    The machine was painted a non-standard colour in it's previous life. I've always wanted to get it redone in a factory colour, but never got around to it. As prep for this I have a set of new-old-stock Rancilio badges that can go on it.

    I'll throw in the water tank and brass tank-adapter. This tank is only a few months old. I change it over regularly (6 months-year) to avoid any potential issues with algae etc.

    Stock double-portafilter and basket and backflush disc will come with it.
    I drilled out the single-spout filter for use as a bottomless. I can include that if you want it.

    I'm located in Melbourne - Eastern/South Eastern Suburbs.
    Prefer local buyer due to size/weight.

    Asking $450
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    What's your location?


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      Originally posted by Dragunov21 View Post
      What's your location?
      Sorry about that.
      I'd forgotten to add that.
      I'm in Melbourne.
      Original Post edited to reflect this as well.



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        That's a bargain! Good luck with the sale.......


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          Very good deal for someone with a mains connection or space for an under-counter reservoir. Oh, and how's the new hardware treating you? Gonna start a new thread to let us know your thoughts?


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            Hi Rick,
            I'll probably start a thread in the machines section for the new hardware.
            So far so good.
            Still very early along the path of learning to drive it though.


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              Hello is the s27 still available.?
              can you send me your number so I can organise an inspection


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                I have the S24, they make damm good coffee
                large stable 4 ltr boilers

                take up a bit of space thats all.

                If it was up here I would send my friend after it.


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                  Hi is the S29 still available?


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                    OOps! Pardon me! Is the S27 still available?


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                      still waiting for a reply as to availability of the S27