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!!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Compak K8 (doser) for sale

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  • !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Compak K8 (doser) for sale

    Hi all,

    I'm selling my spare grinder which is a Compak K8. I purchased it as an upgrade to my Mazzer Super Jolly a while back - the 83mm flat burrs on the K8 are substantially larger than the 64mm ones on the Super Jolly which make quite a difference.

    The sticker says the unit was made in 2003 but I purchased it from a cafe which closed down 3 years ago. I changed the burrs from ones purchased from CoffeeParts and used it for around 2 years before setting it aside as a spare grinder - I only grind around 400g of coffee a month, so the burrs have ground less than 10kg of beans since I changed them - if I remember it can grind a few hundred kg of beans easily, so for home use you may not have to change burrs again!

    I've taken what I can apart and given it a good clean. I'll put some pictures of the grinder up later tonight.

    Price will be $550 and pickup preferred from Templestowe as it's decently large and heavy. Happy to have anyone interested to come and check/test the grinder out.

    I've also got a Vibiemme Domobar Junior that I've put up for sale if anyone is interested.


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    hi tim
    still for sale?


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      Hi, I know you have said pick preferred however I am interested if you would consider posting.

      cheers rob