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!!!SOLD!!! - La Marzocco Strada EP 3 Group 1x Mazzer Robur Auto and 1x E-Kony

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - La Marzocco Strada EP 3 Group 1x Mazzer Robur Auto and 1x E-Kony

    Hi All,

    I'm selling my brand new La Marzocco EP Strada, It was my birthday gift to myself but am going to change to a 2 group due to the bench space.

    It has been customised, Paddles and Steam leavers are in stainless 16mm rod with 50mm Aluminium knobs, looks
    like gear knob (also a car fanatic)

    the machine is brand new, never used and all accessories in boxes still

    Asking $16,000 RRP $20,000+

    I also have a silver robur automatic new burrs, latest model. 2 scratches on it but very good otherwise with brand new burrs


    Also have an E kony silver, ground at most 12kg excellent condition


    Im after a quick sale, as i leave for Italy on Wednesday and return the 10 of March.

    Pick Up NSW 2154
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    Hi there,

    I'm interested in the robur. May I have your contact and also an inspection?




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      Hi Will,

      more then welcome to inspect. Best contact is 0449 26 33 33


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        Let me clarify your post? You have a latest model Robur with 2 scratches on it for $1000? did you import it yourself or buy locally? Sounds too good to be true? I would love to buy one, but what's the catch


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          No catch, and no import myself? I bought from my own company, which is a very big coffee roasting company here in OZ.

          But feel free to validate anything I sell or say, as i have sold many of my coffee machines and grinders I have owned on this forum.

          Also what you pay for a grinder new to what I, there is a big difference, so everyone gets the benefit when i sell something.


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            Why not return them to your very big coffee company and get your money back?

            FWIW, the customisation on the EP would be a deal breaker for me. Eww.


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              Theres no need to return and the grinders are used.

              Each to there own with the customisation, but the parts are all there to return to normal if someone wanted too.


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                Interested in the grinder and within pickup distance. Is the robur the 83mm or 71mm one? Also how tall is the machine with a mini hopper on it as the stock hopper would not fit under my bench. Could you post photos of both grinders.


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                  Love the look of the shift rods. 5 speed I take it??

                  Best of luck with the sale.



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                    its the 71mm burrs ( I believe as the larger burr set is only available on 3 phase grinders) mini hopper won't fit. There is a safety collar which you can remove the hopper but the neck on the mini is to narrow. Cut down the robur hopper and put a rubber seal on top so the lid isn't loose.

                    please text me you mobile and i will mms you the images.



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                      Thank you artman there are some critical people out there as you can see, I did it to how i liked it and the leverage works very well too Cant be fussed about the people who seem to know it all, but offer nothing of substance in there opinion.


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                        I will vouch for saturatedbrewing. He always seems to be unfairly treated when he attempts to sell something on this forum. The provenance of the items listed for sale is good and the seller is honest, reputable and plain dealing. He has gone above and beyond what was expected of him in the transactions I have had previously and I wouldn't hesitate to buy coffee equipment from him again. I cannot believe that the grinders in particular are still available. Snap up a bargain before it's too late!


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                          Thank you Matrat, appreciate the kind words!

                          Just to let everyone know the Kony has been sold, and is being picked up this morning.

                          the Strada and Robur are still available.


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                            Hmm very true, he obviously spent good money on the equipment... It's like saying someone's children are ugly...


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                              My ultimate coffee machine was a Synesso.. That was until I saw a Strada in one of my favourite cafes.. Such a beautiful machine.. Good luck with the sale.
                              You don't have a GS3 lying around that you want to get rid of for under $3k do you? haha (joking guys, I know this would never happen!)