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!!!SOLD!!! - Gaggia Classic parts for sale

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - Gaggia Classic parts for sale

    Hey people, I have a complete Gaggia Classic in parts for sale as spares.

    I purchased one 2nd hand and found out after a few weeks that it was indeed, not in great condition as per stated in the advert and proceeded to tear it down to try and clean it, however I have decided that purchasing another unit would be more time and economically viable - so I have done that.

    Most things are in ok to great condition (after I've put in some descaler and elbow grease) so hit me up if you need any sort of hardware spare.

    For the listing I'll throw in the group handle and a single-dose filter. The handle actually looks to be off of another Gaggia model (Cubika?), but it's the same 58mm and works totally fine (as they're nothing to really go wrong :P). This handle is the one with two spouts built-in and the squared-off handle rather than the normal Classic handle that has the two spouts which are removable.

    Looking for $50+post for this. Plastic & filter are in fair condition and you can tell they're not new.

    I am located in Bris, so just let me know your location if you want postage and we'll work it out

    Find more pics at: Index of /gaggia
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    is this a classic with the Gaggia badge on the left side of the front?
    like this one attached
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      sorry just went to your link and saw that it isnt...


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        Was a little excited that someone replied to this thread.

        Was there something specific you needed from this model, assuming from your stipulation that there is differences between the models that is.


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          Are you selling the parts for this separately or wanting to get rid of it all in one go?

          I'm interested in the drip tray and the lid to the water tank filler.


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            I suppose I'd prefer to get rid of it all in one go for convenience, but could part it out also.

            I did think there'd be a little demand for parts but apparently not!

            As per the rules, shoot me a PM with what you'd be willing to pay etc.. and we'll take it from there.


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              Gear sold.