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!!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - [DARWIN] Compak K6 Silenzio $400 P/U Only

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  • !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - [DARWIN] Compak K6 Silenzio $400 P/U Only

    Selling my grinder as I'm moving to the US.

    It's has been modified for home use (useless dose-management system and auto-fill removed). I've also stuck a timer on the front (doesn't control the grinder, just give you a reference). I've also added tape to the dosing vanes so that it clears all the grinds and doesn't leave old grinds behind.

    I have all the parts to convert it back to an autofilling useless-dosing machine if you really need them.

    Burrs are about six months old as I bought it as an ex-cafe refurb.

    Grinds 18g for a double in about eight seconds and is pretty quiet (for a grinder). If you need a shorter hopper they can be had for a hundred bucks or so online.

    It's in good condition, some light scratching on the base.

    400 firm, pickup only Darwin CBD

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    Pardon me for going off-topic, but how does the mod work? I can't tell from the pic. I have a rancilio md50 with a doser that's driving me bonkers. I'd love some tips on how to mod it. I've been tempted to just pull the whole thing off and stick some kind of chute on there.


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      All good mate. Two words; gaffer tape. Take a piece the length of a vane, and maybe 10mm thick. Fold one-third back on itself, leaving you with a strip the length of a vane and ~6mm thick, with half sticky and half not. Stick the sticky side to the leading edge of the (cleaned with alcohol) vane. Then do it for all the othera.

      So far it's held up for 6 or more months without any issues; I don't see it going anywhere.