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!!!SOLD!!! - Modified Macap M4 / MC4 doserless. Melbourne

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - Modified Macap M4 / MC4 doserless. Melbourne

    Up for sale is my modified Macap M4 / MC4 doserless. Polished Aluminium.

    It was bought locally and has been used at home only and is in as new condition. Not even the tiniest scratch, mark, etc on the unit. There are minor scuff marks on the plastic base plate only.

    I have just cleaned the burrs as you can see in the pics.

    This is an amazing grinder with amazing grind consistency. I believe that it has the same performance as the $1200 digital doserless unit. The diffference is that this one is manual. That hasn’t been a problem for me as I use the single dosing method. I bought this as an upgrade from a K3 touch and I can tell you that this is a far superior unit.

    Before buying the MC4 I did lots of searching on the web and read every review and thread I could find. One review suggested a throat modification to assist the grinds to slip down the spout. I have made the same modification. A quick way to describe the mod is that I used a dremel to grind away at the square-shaped aluminium outlet to create a gentle taper to eventualy match the shape of the large round spout. It’s a bit like exhaust port-matching on cars. I have attached a picture of this type of mod.

    Before the mod I was getting approx 4-5 grams of coffee sitting in the outlet after grinding. After the mod I get about 2 grams sitting in the outlet. After a quick brush I can now get almost all of the coffee out. It should have been done by the manufacturer!

    If you want a quality doserless grinder with close to zero grind retention for single dosing then this may be for you.

    Asking price is $600.

    Pick up only from Beaumaris, Victoria.

    You are welcome to come and take a look and get a demo of course.

    Thanks for looking.
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    How old is it?
    PM Sent


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      Price drop to $525. Amazing grinder for this price... Happy to demo.


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        usage is 20g per day for 3 years = 22 kg. condition is like new. Designed for many hundreds of kg so barely run in .


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          Grinder Review - link

          Hi All,

          Here's an independent CS review posted in 2007:

          Price is now $500.

          Continue with the PMs


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            When you may be willing to consider postage, let us know?


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              Hi all. Yes, happy to post. I can use a courier. Estimated cost including insurance is $20-$35 depending on distance from Melbourne.
              I can box it up securely.


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                Hi all. This is still available. I will throw in 500g of my home roasted beans (and a roasting lesson if you're interested).


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                  $475 now. Cheaper than a K2 touch and far far far superior... I know as I had a K2 touch before this one. Come and see it


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                    PM sent just now


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                      Thank all. This has now been SOLD.