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!!!SOLD!!! - Hottop KN-8828B for sale

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - Hottop KN-8828B for sale

    What is it? A perfect condition KN-8828B with manual etc. Australian purchase from Pullman Expresso. I have done maximum 30 roasts and it is flawless. I know the number becasue I have used 3 bags @2.5kg of CS green coffee, the last batch yesterday and I use 300g per roast as I found that this works best with the probe and the slow roast I like to do. I have used a CS probe from the top chute, you can see the hole that allows the long probe to reach the beans.

    Is the Hottop any good? The best coffee related investment I have made to date.

    Where is it? In Melbourne

    Why am I selling? My wife took a job in Cyprus in mid 2012 and of course I went there as well. As now, i occasionally come back to visit the family. The box weighs at 18kg and it was not a priority luggage item so the Hottop remained in Melbourne. Not been used since then, except that I did one roast of the last 300g of grean beans I had here yesterday. I did find that I could not live without a decent roaster so I ordered one from Taiwan (no distributors in Europe) and that is what I use in Cyprus. Unfortunately customs charged me quite a bot of duty but what could I do... The long and the short of it is that I do not need two of these in the long run. Hence this sale.

    When does it have to happen? Now, I arrived 6 March and will depart 26 March

    How much do I ask? How about 80% of the price, $1000 seems reasonable.

    Delivery? I prefer pick up in Melbourne. But I do have the original box so if you like to arrange a courier then I will box it and have it ready for pick up.

    Questions? Please contact by PM.
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    You will need to put an actual price in the post. Not a calculation based on an initial value which you are not sharing.


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      Correction: The correct model 3 is: 8828B-2


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        Oooh... if only I had a grand to spare...


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          This nice roaster is SOLD. Thank you for looking!