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!!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - [SYD] EOI - Napoletana in non-working order

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  • !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - [SYD] EOI - Napoletana in non-working order

    Anyone with a Napoletana that would be interested in one for bits ? Or anyone with more nous and time than me to get a "project" working ?

    This was decommissioned from my mum's place a number of years ago now when it developed a leak (I think!) - at the time there were too many things going on in our family so I upgraded her to a Diadema Junior and grinder (thanks Talk-Coffee). I had a look at it at the time and bought some seals and maybe even something more significant (boiler?) but I haven't looked at it in ages, I just found the box it's in the other day - it's still under a couple of other boxes so haven't opened it to check the state I left it in or should that be

    I don't want much for it, if anything really. Make me an offer I can't refuse and I likely won't. Shipping will be totally at your cost, or come and collect it in southern Sydney.

    In a couple of weeks if I don’t get any bites, I'll pop it over into the Pay-it-Forward section

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    I'm interested, sent you a PM.


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      Originally posted by noidle22 View Post
      I'm interested, sent you a PM.
      ...and for some reason I can't PM you back. I need to wait 30 seconds, but that apparently equates to waiting another 291523451 seconds.....

      The item is in 2226 postcode so you can look at freight options. Happiest with pickup though

      Also, Napoletana is now sold under Lelit brand - this machine originally came from


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        Even though it's going for cheap you still need to include an asking price.

        Java "Site posting policy" phile
        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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          I'll take it, if the esteemed fellow above can't doesn't take it.


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            I'm still having PM problems. Can't for the life of me get a reply out (tells me to wait 2 million seconds).

            Seabass, PM me your phone #


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              $80 for anyone who wants it as parts .....


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                Curious to know after doing some more research, is this a Nemox Napolitana or an Imat / Quaha Napolitana? Seems there are differences in PF size and construction.
                Im looking for parts for a Quaha Napolitana


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                  PM sent. Still interested.


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                    On the note of PM difficult you may have reached the capacity of your message box. Try deleting a few.


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                      Still waiting for a reply buddy.