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!!!SOLD!!! - FS - VMB Domobar Super S/Steel and Compak K10 Grinder (SYD)

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS - VMB Domobar Super S/Steel and Compak K10 Grinder (SYD)

    Hi all,

    I moved to London two years ago and left my beloved machine and grinder in storage in Sydney. I've been the only owner of both and the machine was regularly professionally serviced. The machine is 6 years old (4 years of use) and the grinder is 5 years old, both were bought from Chris at Talk Coffee. Since the move has become permanent I'm selling everything I have in storage.

    Both machine and grinder are stored in their original boxes.

    Machine: Vibiemme Domobar Super with Stainless Steel sides.

    Grinder: Compak K10 WBC.

    I've been really happy with both pieces and am only selling as I've permanently left the country.

    Referring to the photo please note the cups, tamp, and naked PF are not for sale as they've been given to friends. If you want you can have the knock box and milk jug/s. The machine comes with all the original accessories.

    As for the condition there is a couple of light scratches on the machine on the drip tray and there is a crack on the base of the hopper. The crack has been there for years and hasn't grown (I overtighted the nut after cleaning and just after I cracked it I remembered Chris warning me about it, now i don't tighten it at all with no issues).

    I'm going to be in Sydney from 5th to the 9th of May and really want to sell it in that time period so I'm asking $2000 for both the machine and the grinder together and am prepared to entertain all offers.

    I'm hoping there's someone in the Sydney area that will give my much adored equipment a good home.

    I hope I've covered all the important details but please PM or post if you have any questions.

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    Wow. Great kit and a terrific opportunity for a Sydneysider to get setup at a bargain price.

    Good luck with the sale Trent!



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      Hey Trent,
      very interested.
      I'll PM you



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        If for any reason extremeloon doesnt snap this up please consider me waiting in line


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          Hi All,

          Thanks for the response and thanks Chris for your advice. I've found a buyer for the machine and the grinder. If the sale falls through I'll be sure to repost. I'm not sure how to move the thread to the sold folder or change the title so if anyone can help me I'd appreciate it.



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            When you have the money, just post in this same thread something along the lines of;....... 'both items sold'.

            The mods'll do the rest. Good luck!!


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              Thanks chokkidog.