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!!!SOLD!!! - FS: Izzo Alex Duetto II [Melbourne]

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS: Izzo Alex Duetto II [Melbourne]

    So! We now have this Duetto up for grabs here. I've only had it for a couple months and have loved it for every second I've used it. I've been sampling all of my roasts with it and it is seriously a beast of a machine.

    It's always been run on filtered water, comes with standard Duetto accessories
    -Double portafilter
    -Single portafilter
    -Single, double and blind baskets
    -Duetto tamper (Unused)
    -Standard factory plumbing pipes

    -Naked portafilter
    -Spare shower screen and grouphead seal

    I have the original box so it can easily be sent interstate at the buyers expense.

    Pm me or call on 0408 125 414

    Reason for selling:
    I only recently purchased this from Dr_Dave. I've been hunting a GS/3 for a long time and I just purchased one a couple days ago off here from Ben and the only reason I purchased this Duetto was to use in the mean time until I had the money available to buy a new GS/3 but decided to just purchased Ben's second hand one. I never intended on having this machine for such a short period of time but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get this GS/3.

    Asking $2500


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    Hey mate,
    This will be snapped up quickly for sure.
    I would have jumped on this, just purchased last week Rocket Evoluzione. I was looking at your machine. Damn.
    Good luck with it.


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      Congrats on your GS3 purchase Brendogs! I just made the same upgrade recently. I've just made custom timber sides for it and in the process of making portafilter handles and group cap. I will post photos as soon as I've finished it. If you want to customise yours in the future let me know. In the meantime enjoy getting used to your awesome GS3, it's an amazing machine!

      Good do luck selling the Izzo!

      Cheers, Dan.


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        I'll vouch for this one. It was in stunning nick when I last saw it.


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          Mark this as SOLD SOLD SOLD. What an awesome machine these Duetto's are, no wonder everyone raves and rants about them because they can make an impeccable coffee!

          Thanks for all the enquiries!