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!!!SOLD!!! - Macap M7D

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - Macap M7D

    G’day all,
    Due to a change of circumstances I have had to ‘downsize’ my espresso making equipment, which presents an opportunity for at least one lucky CS’er to buy some top notch equipment at a very reasonable price.

    Firstly, a La Spaziale mini Vivaldi II. This is a dual boiler, vibe pump model so it doesn't need plumbing in.

    This was purchased from Talk Coffee in July 2010 and has been looked after, as you would expect a CS’er to do. It has only ever been fed bottled water and has been routinely cleaned with water and chemical back flushes. It has a few barely-noticeable scuff/scratch marks on the face plate, and some scratches underneath the drip tray where the water tank goes in and out. Apart from those minor blemishes, it is in excellent condition.

    This machine comes with the following accessories:
    Single spout pf,
    Double spout pf,
    Naked pf,
    1 single, 3 double and 1 blind basket,
    A spare group head gasket,
    A generic plastic tamper,
    A ‘Coffeelab’ convex tamper,
    1 spare ‘in-tank’ water filter, and
    A Pallo group head brush.

    The asking price for this stunning piece of equipment is $1600.

    Secondly, a Macap M7D. This grinder was purchased from Talk Coffe in May 2011.

    This grinder has been modified by shortening the hopper so that it fits underneath standard kitchen cabinets. It comes in at 460mm high, which is much shorter than the original height of 630mm. If you need the original sized hopper, they’re available for about $100.
    The shot counter is showing 955 single shots and 2860 double shots for a grand total of 6675 shots. With each shot being approx. 8gms, that gives a grand total of 53.4kg (or thereabouts) of use in the burrs. I believe that they’re rated for at least 3 times that amount.

    This grinder is in immaculate condition and would suit any coffeesnob down to the ground, and the asking price for this stunning piece of grinding technology is $1600.

    If you wish to purchase both of these units together, I’ll do a package deal for $3000.

    These two items would be definitely pick up only from Batemans Bay (south coast NSW). They’re too heavy to post safely (La Spaz 20kg and Macap 16kg). I don’t have the original packaging, and I think the courier fee would be a lot more $$$ than a tank of petrol to come and see them in the metal. Also, when you come to pick them up you can be satisfied that they’re working fine, and I’ll give you a demo of both units and make you some coffees.
    If you have any questions, apart from “Are you mad for getting rid of these superb pieces of espresso making equipment???”, or you would like me to take some more photos/different angles, please feel free to shoot me a PM.
    Thanks for looking,
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    That is some mighty impressive equipment !
    ..and incredible value for anyone with the space and funds.
    ..If only.....


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      Wow Lovey,

      I hope the downsize is only temporary.

      I'll add my endorsement to this one. I respect Steve and have no doubt that his equipment will be in exceptional condition. This will be fantastic kit for a CS'er with mid range money and top end aspirations.

      Good luck with the sale Lovey.



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        i have the rotary version of the spaz and its a nice bit of kit.
        reckon this is very good value as a combo


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          Thanks for the supportive comments Blend52, Chris and Roknee, they're very appreciated.

          I think it might be time for a bit of a price reduction.

          The updated prices are:
          La Spaziale - $1500
          Macap - $1500.
          Package deal for $2800.

          I'd entertain shipping them, bearing in mind that it's likely to be very pricey. I'd guesstimate that they would be close to, probably over $100 each, taking into account their weight, purchase of suitable boxes, padding/packaging and insurance.
          I can meet up for a delivery within a 1.5 hour radius (Nowra, Goulburn, Canberra, Bega), but I still think that you'd be best off to come and visit them prior to purchase. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.
          All the best,


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            PM sent re La Spaz


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              Hello all and thanks for your interest thus far. The La Spaziale is sold, however this superb piece of grinding technology known as the M7D is still available for some lucky CS'er.
              Could one of the mods amend the title to reflect this please?
              All the best,


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                Received my new (old!) mini yesterday. Packed very diligently, and made the trip from NSW across the Bass Strait to Tassie by courier unscathed. As stated above, looks like it was looked after very well throughout its life so far.

                No doubt the M7D will be the same story, so get yourself some second hand savings!


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                  Thanks for the kind words Nick. I know you'll get a lot of caffeinated joy out of the La Spaz.


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                    As an added sweetener, I'll let the Macap go for $1550 including insured freight anywhere in Australia.
                    Jump in and get yourself a bargain and membership to the


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                      Final price drop before it goes onto the 'bay. $1400 including freight anywhere in Australia.


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                        Very tempted Lovey VERY.... however this would be a HUGE upgrade for me - going from a Rocky to this.... however i've done enough grinding on Rocky to know she is just anywhere near what I need. I might regret this statement written..... the M4D is a better (as in sensible) step up than this but the price point is breathtakingly close.... as I said I will leav eit for now but now is a only a point in time..... and I've got some driving to do to think about it :-0


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                          PM just sent on the Macap Steve.


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                            The grinder has been sold, pending payment.