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!!!SOLD!!! - For Sale: Brugnetti Simona Top (HX)

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - For Sale: Brugnetti Simona Top (HX)

    Up for grabs is my Brugnetti Simona Top.

    This is a fantastic little Italian machine, made of full commercial parts. It has served up great shots for me for 6 years, and is working beautifully.
    It is an ideal upgrade to the silvia or similar, and being Heat-Exchange and volumetric, you can make a round of coffees quickly and easily!
    (You can steam milk and extract coffee at the same time.)

    It has programmable volumetric control - or you can just use the manual flow button (far right).
    The OPV has been set to 9 bar, and the pressure stat has been calibrated to give accurate temp of 92C.
    It does require a quick cooling flush if it has been sitting for a while like most HX machines.
    Super easy to use.

    It has LOADS of steam power (no waiting) and fast recovery.
    Good size drip tray means you're not constantly risking overflowing.

    I imported armourflex 13mm insulation from Germany and wrapped the boiler which greatly reduces the duty cycle, saving energy and maintaining temp stability.

    It has been regularly descaled and back-flushed.

    Compact footprint means it fits comfortably on the bench - though it is a heavy little beast - 17kg
    W25cm, D30com, H38cm

    The down sides:
    -the black painted steel body does have a chips in the paint on the edges, and a few spots of surface rust. Purely superficial.
    -the front plastic lens of the pressure gauge has a crack (barely noticeable) and the chrome has deteriorated on the surround. Never worried me, and it works well. (see pic.)

    Includes both handles with baskets.

    Pick-up is from Glebe NSW and I have the manuals and parts documentation.
    A bargain at $480
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    Hey there, I'm keen and I'll PM you as well. The few little cosmetic issues don't bother me too much, but I'd be interested to know if there is any rust inside. I've heard that the Simona Top can get some rust around the base of the frame.


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      Don't tell my partner...
      But, if you have any issues selling locally (which I'm sure you won't!), and are interested to freight (at my expense) to Perth. Shoot me a PM. I could be persuaded that i need this


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        I have one of these and it's a great little machine. Built like a tank, quick to get up to pressure and all the steam you could ask for. Good luck with the sale, IMHO the purchaser is likely to love it.


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          If sale falls through, I'll be keen too


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            Thanks for all the interest, the Brugnetti has been sold.