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!!SOLD!! Izzo Alex Duetto II for Sale $2500 ONO

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  • !!SOLD!! Izzo Alex Duetto II for Sale $2500 ONO

    Hi All,
    I have been a member since 2008 but rarely posted as I'm not fond of the constant bagging of fellow members for silly posts.
    As i'm essentially a silly person I know what awaits me after this post.

    Today is my Birthday!!!
    I woke up this morning and my wife had not bought me the usual present.
    Today instead she gave me a big kiss and said if you really want to upgrade your coffee machine then pick whatever machine you like.... (Wow)
    I'm not missing out on this opportunity.
    I'm still wondering what machine to buy but thats the fun problem...

    I bought a Izzo Alex Duetto II from Chris at Talk Coffee nearly 3 years ago and have been producing some of the best coffee's I've ever had.
    (Yes it sounds arrogant but I like what I make)
    I had it serviced 1 month ago with Chris and his Tech told me my machine was the in the "best condition of any Duetto he'd service".
    I take very good care of all my belongings. (i'm actually a little OCD about it).
    All the water that has gone through this beauty has been softened by my Brita Purity C150.
    I clean and back flush every week and dare anyone to find a Duetto II in better condition..
    So it there is anyone who will take good care of my Duetto I'm sure it will take care of you!

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    I'll vouch for this one. It's in fantastic nick and will look brand spankin' on the next owners bench


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      Happy birthday!! wq :-D

      Good luck with the sale....... but I'm interested to know what you'll get for that kiss! ;-)



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        I'm not sure my wife really understands how expensive these machines can get. So the 15K for the speedster might be a little steep. But a Beautiful piece of art...(that also makes great coffee)


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          Yeah cool!! I was just humouring ...... but no-one needs to pay 15k ......


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            Pictures of my Duetto II For Sale.

            Sorry guys I couldn't get them to upload last night so I posted in a hurry without.
            I hope this helps anyone whom may be interested see the condition of this awesome machine.

            PS I hope they upload this time!
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              Wow nice lookin bit of kit.. Just hope whateva u end up with makes as nice a brews...


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                Hi CS'er,
                I have had a few offers on my machine and I think I'm almost there..
                Just forgot to mention I have all original packaging so shipping is possible and at buyers cost.
                If you a serious buyer I could let you have a look at her before you buy.
                I'm in the 3068 area if you wanna drop on by...


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                  Hi Mods. This one is sold. I know as I packed and skidded it for Wayne to ship to the new owner when he purchased his replacement from us a few weeks ago.

                  Thread can be closed.