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!!!SOLD!!! (ADL) Rocket Giotto PP V1 + Accessories

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  • !!!SOLD!!! (ADL) Rocket Giotto PP V1 + Accessories

    It is with reluctance that I am selling the following, as a package. Life’s thrown a curveball and unfortunately I need some cash.
    · Rocket Giotto Premium Plus V1
    · Compak K3 Touch Silver ADV
    · Reg Barber Tamper (flat bottom)
    · Tamper mat
    · Three group handles (1 naked, 1 double spout, 1 single spout)
    · Various baskets (Blank, single, double, triple)

    A bit of information about the collection:

    Rocket Giotto Premium Plus V1
    I bought the machine at the start of 2012, from a non-site-sponsor in Adelaide. Used ever since. Approximately 250g of coffee per week put through the machine. Back flushed after every use and chemically every fortnight (or after a bigger brew session). Descaled the machine every 12 months since purchase. The machine has only used rainwater as tap water in Adelaide is gross. Haven’t had to change seals yet.

    Compak K3 Touch Silver ADV
    Won this in a barista competition last year in Adelaide (August 2013) and have used since then. As with the coffee machine, I’ve used approximately 250g of coffee per week. Had no issues with it. Removed the physical stopped so I could grind finer for some coffees. As with most flat bur grinders, grinding for espresso will produce a nice clumpy grind, but with a paper clip or a fine metal instrument, can remove for good dosing technique.

    Reg Barber Tamper
    Bought from same place as coffee machine, used ever since. Unfortunately has been dropped once on tiled floors and there is a small nick on the edge of the tamper. I’ve pulled multiple naked shots after this happened and haven’t really noticed any tamping issues as a result. The nick can be seen in the photos bellow.

    Naked Group Handle
    Purchased at the same place as coffee machine. Came with a triple basket and fits the single, double and blank baskets. No issues, fits and seals perfectly.
    Other Group Handles
    Machine came with a single and double spout when purchased. Triple basket won’t fit in these as its too large.

    If there are any other questions or enquiries, please post a reply to this thread/PM, contact me on mobile or email.
    Ph: 0435 101 612
    $2000 Firm.
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    if you are willing to split I am interested in the Compak K3 Touch.


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      No worries, will PM you if I change my mind


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        PM'd re rest of package


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          FYI, i have purchased a new Compak K3 in the meantime so just letting you know I'm no longer in the market. cheers.


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            Just wondering if you got my email from Monday, only interested in the machine though.


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              Replied to emails and PM. Apologies again for the wait.



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                What is still available? Am interested in the grinder


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                  Everything is still available. Email/PM for further enquiries


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                    Not sure how to edit original post...

                    Willing to split the machine + accessories from the grinder.

                    Machine + accessories $1700.
                    Grinder $300.



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                      PM'd re: the grinder.



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                        If the grinder is not sold and you want a local sale please contact me.
                        I like mine so much I may buy yours for the office or a friend!


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                          Hey, wondering if this is all still available?


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                            Hey Mattyt13,

                            Everything is still available. I'm around most of this weekend if you want to come have a look etc.
                            Contact as above.

                            Regards, Erik


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                              PM'd re the grinder.