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!!!SOLD!!! Pontevechio Lusso 2 group (MELB)

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  • !!!SOLD!!! Pontevechio Lusso 2 group (MELB)

    I am selling a Pontevecchio Lusso club spring lever espresso machine.
    It's a two group machine. (Please note grinder shown in photo is NOT included in this sale).

    It was purchased from a work colleage who received it as a wedding gift last September, but doesn't drink coffee, well he does, but he's not a Coffeesnob.
    It's approximately 12 months old and in great condition, as can be seen in the photographs. I have the owners manual, but no other paperwork or box, sorry, I didn't receive them.

    I was going to list all the features, but chances are that if you are on this site, you probably know a lot about the machine already.
    It's beautifully built, and really solid.

    It comes with two double portafilters, and a single, single and a half and double filter baskets, a coffee spoon, a plastic tamper, and also a timber (home made) tamper which fits the baskets perfectly. You could buy a new tamper, but the one I made works well, and is really nice to hold.

    I can deliver if you are in Melbourne and make a coffee for you if you like, but rest assured it works perfectly, and makes excellent espresso. Steaming milk is so easy, and the steaming power is incredible. I am so impresssed with the steaming ability and ease of making microfoam, it's truly awesome.

    It's a spring lever group, which means the spring puts the pressure on the coffee puck, and this means superb repeatability, and really nice espresso.

    As a general statement, over the months I've owned it, all I can say with certainty that it's easy to use and very 'forgiving'. It's a serious machine, so it needs to be paired with a serious grinder.

    I bought it as a trial to test whether I really want to move from an E61 machine to a Lever before spending big bucks on something like an Izzo Lever, and this machine has been so much fun to use, and a real surprise as to it's abilities. It's definately made me think I'm a lever type of guy.

    I'm selling it due to financial reasons, as my wife recently was made redundant, so I need to be politically correct and sell all my surplus toys, this machine, my collection of antique razors, etc etc.....but rest assured, once we are back up on our feet I will be looking to get another lever.........well that's my plan, just don't tell my wife.

    Buy with confidence. I am very particular with my equipment, and this machine is really something special.
    PS I have the brass fittings for the antivac mod, and will give that to the buyer, as well as some Insulbrite boiler insulation, but I haven't had got around to installing them.

    Asking $1250.

    Fotos on the way...having troble uploading for some reason
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    ok.. I think I've worked this Mac out! Photos attached
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      Some more photos.....some glamour shots as well... I hope you enoy
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        Mmmm.... I dunno... Two owners, $1250... But what can you tell me about your razor collection...?
        Any pics...?


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          Ah.... I have a whole collection of rhodium plated Gillette Aristicrats from the 30's as well as French made Grelot straight razors from prior to the company going under. Also have nice barber shop Harmonie German made razors, and a pre-ban Ivory Sheffield razor by Brooke's and Crookes which comes in a leather lined box. My favourite razor at the moment , it's shoulder less so stunning to look at !
          dont get me started on my Belgium coticles, vintage, slate backed , plus my synthetic homes etc. all part of the reason I have to offload the Pontevecchio.
          on that point, the machine is like new, seriously, and has only had a maximum of 100 shots out of it ( estimate only) Previous owner made about 10 shots out of it, and I also own an Izzo Alex which is my daily driver, so the PV was my weekend toy.
          If your interested in having a look at the machine or the razors let me know. I'm going to start offloading those shortly.

          I also have have a beautiful gold plated 1965 Gillete aristocrat in unused condition complete with cardboard box, plastic satin lined box and original instructions, and a Wilkinson sword sticky razor which won the design awards in the 1960s. Nice razor that one.


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            Now, whatever you do don't ask me about my tactical flashlights.... I have to cull those as well!!
            My wife says I have an addictive personality ..... She might be right


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              Addictive personality...Maybe she's onto something but how many shoes and clothes does ur wife have? My wife says that about me but your should see her wardrobe-but apparently we can't say anything about that lol

              sell the lights and razors but coffee gear!! Coffee addictions are totally fine and should be encouraged!
              Beautiful machine!! Looks like it's been looked after well and will be a great buy for someone!


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                Thanks brother!
                I hadn't thought of that, but yeh........she's got literally hundreds of shoes!!!!


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                  I must say: I am more of a shaver than a collector and that point has been reinforced with your post...
                  After rejecting the vibrating, multi head, frippery of the majors, I have used a double edged razor for some time, but after looking across the net at some of those Gillette aristocrats, I get that they are out of my price range, but thanks...!


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                    Yeh, I'm the same. I can't use a cartridge razor after using a double edge razor and a straight. The sheer quality of the razor itself coupled with the quality of the shave is just awesome.


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                      Price drop..............$1100.


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                        FS: Pontevecchio lusso (PRICE DROP)

                        As noted above,
                        price drop to $1100.


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                          Hi Enthusiast what the dimensions of this machine??



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                            28cm height x 36cm width x 28cm depth, (approx) but the levers come up higher than that to about 50 cm off the Bench top. Have to confirm that lever height tonight when I get home. At work right now so pulled those dimensions off the PV website.


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                              Height to top of levers is 47cm from top of bench. Other dimensions listed above are also correct. Cheers