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!!!SOLD!!! - BRAND NEW Rocket Giotto V3 + Rocket Accessories + Anfim Best Grinder

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - BRAND NEW Rocket Giotto V3 + Rocket Accessories + Anfim Best Grinder

    Hey all,

    I was most fortunate to have won this absolutely amazing package just recently. However as I have already plumbed my Alex Duetto in, I just can't justify keeping the Giotto and Anfim. (Plus I'm worries Alex will get jealous...)

    So the whole kit is up for sale!

    Every item in this sale is absolutely 100% brand new. It was very tempting to at least just try it out, but I refrained. So it's all completely new and unused.

    As it's all new, they therefore comes with a 12 month warranty as well. Happy to advise on which company warrants the kit via PM.

    Details of what is included:
    - Rocket Giotto V3. This is the latest version with PID control of the steam boiler. The Giotto comes with all standard accessories:
    - Single and double handles
    - Single, double and blind baskets
    - Aluminium Rocket branded tamper
    - Plastic spoon, cleaning brush and stainless steel polishing cloth
    - 50g espresso cleaner
    - Instruction book, CD and PID guide
    - RRP $2999, although most places sell for ~$2800

    - 500ml Rocket branded Motta jug. Retail for ~$65
    - Rocket branded knock tube. Retail for ~$85
    - Rocket branded cappuccino tulip cups 165ml. Retail for ~$95

    - Anfim Best grinder. 54mm flat burr small commercial grinder. Retail for ~$750

    All up this is a retail value of around $3800. However I'm sure if this were bought as a package from a retailer, then it would be discounted to somewhere around the $3500 mark.

    Asking price for each item is below:
    Rocket Giotto V3 - $2650
    Rocket Jug - $55
    Rocket Knock tube - $70
    Rocket Cups - $80
    Anfim Best - $700

    Package - $3300

    Being brand new, with warranty, and exactly what you'd get from a retailer, I think this is a great way to save a couple of hundred bucks!

    I'm located in Wahroonga, NSW. Pick up preferred. Everything is in original boxes so if the buyer wants to arrange a courier that's fine.

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    Some more photos
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      More photos again
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        Hi Bames, Congrats! I have to say its a gorgeous Giotto, but few of our CS sponsors can match your price actually


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          Hmmm, ok then. New pricing:

          Rocket Giotto V3 - $2550
          Rocket Jug - $55
          Rocket Knock tube - $70
          Rocket Cups - $80
          Anfim Best - $650


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            I've sent you a PM


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              I am interested in the Rocket jug if still available.
              I will buy it if still available. Thanks Brett


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                I'm interested in the rocket knock tube pm sent


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                  Hi Bames, don't know if you're getting my PMs. Still interested in the Giotto. Waiting to hear from you
                  Thanks, Jon


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                    Hi James, just send you another PM. Hopefully I'll hear from you. Cheers, Jon


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                      That's a fantastic win! Have you found anyone to buy the Giotto yet? Interested party here, located in Sydney. Will drive to pick it up.


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                        sold sold sold