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!!!SOLD!!! DallaCorte DC Mini Dual boiler, Perth Area WA

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  • !!!SOLD!!! DallaCorte DC Mini Dual boiler, Perth Area WA

    I am selling a dual boiler espresso machine. It is a Dalla Dorte DC Mini.

    It comes with a coffee knock box, wooden portafilter, wooden tamper and two milk steaming jugs. I will also include a kilogram of coffee, and several spare shower screens and collar seals.
    It has a saturated group head, and a separate boiler for brew and steam. It has volumetric controls also.

    Every function works as it did originally, it has a brand new drip tray as my old one broke.

    Send me a message for photos, or general questions.

    Price is $800. This includes all accessories listed plus coffee and a few coffee vouchers.
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    bargain good luck with the sale. maybe location would help the potential buyers and whether you're willing to post etc.


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      Is this AM's old machine?

      Awesome price BTW, if i did not already have one, i would buy it in a heartbeat.
      Anybody wanting to buy this machine and get the most out of it can speak to me regarding dosing and tamping techniques as i have owned mine for many years. Always willing to talk DC

      P.S. I am interested in a shower screen and group seal if you would part with them separately?
      Also would like to know who you got the drip tray from as mine has most likely suffered the same fate as your did.

      Good luck with the sale hovercraft, i'm sure the first test driver will buy it


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        pm sent......


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          Luke G, send me a PM regarding separate parts and drip tray.Thank you Albertg for the feed back. I am not sure who AM is, and I don't think it's his old machine, as I won it in a competition a few years ago.


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            Machine has been sold pending pickup. Will notify if sale falls through.