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!!!SOLD!!! - [For Sale - MELB] Compak K6 Silenzio (rebranded Wega 6.4A Silenzio)Black

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - [For Sale - MELB] Compak K6 Silenzio (rebranded Wega 6.4A Silenzio)Black

    I picked this puppy up a while ago, thinking that it would lessen my elbow work when I’m making espresso at home (hand grinding and hand pumping Rossa/Rosco). Instead, it surprised me that my espresso could be better as compared to the Rosco Mini. So I am selling it to fund towards an even bigger upgrade - Titan Conical Grinder (might as well go all the way right? =P ).

    About the grinder:
    The grinder is in excellent functional condition. Burrs still shave away nails when running it through (reason I didn’t replace the burrs yet). Motor runs smoothly and the doser action is smooth. Unit is clean (no gunky coffee or odd smell) and modded for single dosing (no more auto grind, plus sweeper mod. The parts are kept so you/me can retrofit if required).

    This is the Silenzio version, which usually carries a little more premium than the regular one. Supposed to be more silent in operation but I never have the regular one for comparison.

    Espresso taste wise, it gives me a more balanced and better flavour, overall superior to the Rosco Mini which is more edgy and harsher in comparison (which upsets me to be honest since I’ve been drinking from it for more than a year!).

    The burrs are 64mm flat burrs which is pretty much up there for flat burrs category, equivalent to Mazzer SJ (next step up would be 83mm).

    I like doser over doserless because it doesn't require me to purge coffee (read: waste). When single dosing & brush the chute, the retention is averagely 0.2g. As a plus, doser give fluffy grind and doesn't require any manipulation WDT for proper pour.

    Built quality is robust (close but not quite the Mazzer tank level, more than enough for home). Overall a good performer for the money IMO if you’re upgrading from Rancilio Rocky/smaller conical burrs (like the Rosco Mini).

    The manufacture year is 04/2013, not the typical few years old abused grinder from cafe. Cosmetic wise, it looks pretty good. No cracked hoppers etc. The only flaw is the 3 minor chips (occured when transporting) and some markings on the collar (not visible from 20cm away). Pics are attached. Other than that, it’d look almost new.

    I’m looking at about $420, new would be at least $830+ (cheapest online). Welcome to have a look. For equivalent age Super Jolly, you would be looking at about 600-700, or 500+ for the years old ones. Why not save those and buy better coffee? =P

    Silenzio Version
    RPM 1300
    Fan on rear
    Stepless adjustment
    Floating motor for silent operation
    Polished Aluminium Doser & Sweeper
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    More pics

    Pic about the minor cosmetic flaws.
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      What suburb?


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        Thanks should've mentioned that... Staying in Fitzroy close to CBD.


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          If it can sweeten up the deal for someone, I don't mind dropping to $380. Just want to clear this and move on to get a new grinder ASAP. If I get that without clearing this, I may just get slaugthered by SWMBO.

          Ideally I'd keep one flat burr like this for some beans, while using titan conical burrs for the other beans, for different taste profile purpose. But it's so hard to justify "why do you need two grinders??" if my answer is gonna be "for different tastes". She's gonna be like 'Yeah right". True story. ;(


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            How did I not see this when it was posted? Dam, I'm leaving Melbourne today at midday Would have relieved you of this for sure at that price


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              Aww, thanks though. Still not too late if you're gonna delay your plan by a few hours ;P

              For convenience sake, I can be contacted through (a) gmail (dot) com for those who are not familiar with the pm system (at least I wasn't).


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                Sorry idiot I am I just realised this is a grinder not a machine. Sorry


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                  Wasn't sure what happened but no harm done, no worries.


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                    On hold waiting for payment