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!!SOLD!! 3 Project Europiccolas in various states of disrepair (Melbourne)

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  • !!SOLD!! 3 Project Europiccolas in various states of disrepair (Melbourne)

    The impending cessation of my PhD stipend, coupled with the fact that writing my thesis is taking all my time, means that I've decided to get rid of three of the europiccolas I've been very slowly tinkering with.

    Europiccola 1 was completely brown when I bought it, and you couldn't even see the element thanks to a huge amount of limescale. I actually bought it nno-working for parts, but it turned out that the element, once freed, works well and heats faster than my fully functioning Europiccola. I've replaced most of the gaskets etc on this and spent a lot of time cleaning it up but to be completed it needs the element removed to get rid of a little remaining lime scale; I'd replace the gaskets holding the base on as well. I couldn't get it off! There's a few chips on the handles (lever grip and boiler cap) and a few small marks in the chrome. There's a few rust holes in the base as well; I've sanded them down and was going to do a rust-proof paint fix. Only part it needs it a grate to place the cup on. $300 firm thanks to the numerous cosmetic flaws, and the need for a little more work. (portafilter's alone are almost $100, as are working elements.) There's a slight dent in the collar around the steam vent which is purely cosmetic. I'll chuck in some gaskets and seals, including the ones you need for the base.

    Europiccola 2 was my next project, but I don't have time for it right now. I haven't touched it. Base needs sanding and recoating, needs a power plug attached and rewiring on the base. The element's been fixed once already (see pic). While I couldn't turn it on, a quick check with a multimeter tells me it's burnt out. Chrome is in good condition, the crap you can see on there is just that: crap, dirt and oil. The steam arm and collar for the drainage of condensation from the pressure release valve are both bent, while they'd work I'd suggest replacing them. Only real expense to get it working is a new element and time to clean it up. $250 firm, since this is an older machine which are made of thicker metal (so I'm told) and are therefore more sought after. Needs a black underside for the base

    Europiccola 3 was meant to be a present for someone but after sneakily quizzing them I discovered they prefer fully automatic machines. All I did was begin stripping the base for re-anodizing, I haven't even descaled it, as you can see in the last picture. Chrome is in beautiful condition. Needs an element, portafilter, switches and wiring. Since this is a modern europiccola parts are slightly easier to come by. $200, because I need to cover my costs on this one.

    I'd prefer Melbourne-based people so they can come and see them in person, as I'm a horrible photographer. I'm in Abbotsford but can bring them to my office at Melbourne Uni if that's easier. If I can't sell them here I'll polish them up, do a little more to them and chuck them on ebay, but I hate selling stuff on there.
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    Re No3:
    Are all missing parts readily available in Oz & if so do you know cost?


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      Hi Barry,

      You can find them in Australia but after looking around I only bought parts from francesco (google francesco and europiccola to find him). Even including postage he was far cheaper for stuff like elements and portafilter holders, plus he has a lot of 2nd hand stuff. He's also really nice and has given me tips on the machines I HAVE refurbished. Seals etc I bought here in Australia.


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        Hmmm looks like I'm back to repairing these. Damn. What if I open it up to interstate? Anyone?


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          Pm sent


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            Europiccola 1 sold to Wyld and i hope he enjoys it. Still got euro's 2 and 3 to go.


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              Europiccolas #2 and #3 are still available despite a few interested parties. Anyone actually interested before I start repairing #2 myself?


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                Mods, please mark all as sold. Thanks a lot.