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!!!SOLD!!! - FS - Coretto/HGBM Coffee Roaster [MELB] $75

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS - Coretto/HGBM Coffee Roaster [MELB] $75

    Hi guys,

    I've purchased this Coretto setup a while ago from another member here. Staying in a shared house means I don't have a dedicated place for roasting, so everytime I would have to set up and clean up the balcony(which includes sweeping, vacuuming and storing away the setup). Rather time consuming, so I ended up with a Baby Roaster ($330).

    Here's what it includes:
    i) Ryobi Heat Gun 2000W
    ii) Pensonic Bread Machine (Modified for continuous stirring and drilled for bean temp probe placement)
    iii) Tripod for adjusting height (to control heat)
    iv) DMM with stainless steel probe (Note this is not the CS DMM, can only monitor the temp in real time without data logging)

    It's a great & cheap setup to get into roasting. Optimal capacity is about 300-500g green. It's a shame that the roasting workflow doesn't work for me. Have used it about 4 weeks (1-2 roast per week) before I gave in to buy the Baby Roaster.

    There is some cosmetic flaw on the Bread Machine due to heat, and the DMM for some reason is off by 17 Celcius(but consistent). So the first crack almost always happens around 217 Celcius.

    Located in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Pick up welcome. Can be contacted via or pm.

    Thank you.

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    FS - Coretto/HGBM Coffee Roaster [MELB] $75

    Here's a photo of the said setup.

    Cheers and happy Sunday,
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      Sold, deposit taken. Thank you.