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!!!SOLD!!! - Breville Smart Grinder Pro

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - Breville Smart Grinder Pro

    Hi guys and gals,

    After a month or so of trying to produce a drinkable cup of coffee at home on the cheap - I'm abandoning my hopeful dream and putting my Smart Grinder Pro up for sale.

    A mate gave me a lend of his Via Venezia machine which I performed a few mods on using advice on these forums but I dont have the time or patience to get it right. The grinder does exactly what it's supposed to - it's the brewing process that I'm wanting to give up. We'd love a decent machine but don't have the funds.

    The machine has only ground approx 300 grams of beans (250g already ground, bought an additional 250g which you can see the reminder of in the pic below). Comes with box, has all accessories and paperwork and is as close to as-new condition as a used grinder can be. It was purchased from Myer Knox 9/11/14 and I'll provide the receipt for warranty.

    RRP of these machines are $299, looking for $229 with hopeful pickup from Ringwood VIC.

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    If you've been leaving your beans in the hopper that will prevent you from making a good cuppa.

    Java "Beans left in hopper = BAD!" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Hello,just wandering why you haven't considered returning to place of purchase for full refund.
      You are ,obviously,not happy with this purchase and therefore entitled to a refund,IMHO.
      Good luck with your sale.
      I would like it ,but for my good wife keeps saying no,not another grinder...please!
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        I realise this is not the correct "forum" for this but note that others have already contributed...

        I think you are being premature and hate seeing people getting out of stuff for the wrong reasons. Besides if you arent happy, at this stage I would rather see you keep the grinder and upgrade the Via Venezia.

        Regardless, there is no reason why you shouldnt be getting a very reasonable coffee form this set up, once you work it out.

        The grinder is the grinder is the grinder.

        DONT use supermarket packet coffee because you dont know how long its been on the shelf ie how stale it is. Stale beans will help you make putrid coffee. So buy beans from a good source.

        Then knock yourself out working out your "grind / dose / tamp" for the machine and coffee which should end wioth you getting quite a reasonable product. And never leave that many eans in the hopper of the grinder, I always put beans in the hopper to make coffee, and run them down to a minimum. When I next make coffee, i grind out a few grams to get into the fresh stuff...

        No point upgrading because you havent been able to work something out, because the chances are if you havent worked out your first set up, how will you work out your next set up.

        Hope this helps, and I understand you gotta do what you gotta do.


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          Agreed with TOK,

          Unless the grinder is faulty, there is no reason whatsoever that it won't produce an adequate grind for espresso. My in-laws use one with an Izzo Vivi and whilst it wouldn't be my choice, it does the job perfectly well.

          I'd also suggest fresh beans (and perhaps some training).

          Good luck either way.


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            Thanks for the input guys, but I'm still wanting to forget about the making-coffee-at-home idea for now. I'm pretty sure this is a for sale thread and not a "convince me to keep my gear" thread :P

            Anyway - I can't return it as it does it's job. The coffee machine doesn't do what we'd like it to do and we can't afford a decent machine while my wife is on maternity leave.

            Thanks again for all the input but minds made up on this one


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              Welcome to CS jz!

              Your mind might be made and that's fine.... your choice and your's alone.

              It's just that others will see and read the thread and if you're trying to convince someone to buy it, some more info might be useful.

              After all, a prospective buyer will want to be sure that the problem is not with the grinder............

              When starting on a new grinder, 300 gms is simply not enough to make a call on the grinder's quality..... unless it's supermarket coffee; ( see TOK's post above).

              I agree with TOK.... keep the grinder , sell the machine. ;-)


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                thanks chokkidog.. i should have made it a little clearer.

                The grinder is perfect. I can get consistent grinds every time but the coffee machine we have - a borrowed Via Venezia - can't do what we're expecting it to do. I can't go and sell a borrowed machine either

                I'd love to go out and buy a silvia or a lelit to accompany this grinder but we can't justify it right now.


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                  Sold! Thanks everyone