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!!!SOLD!!! - FS SYD: VBM Piccolo & OE Pharos 68mm conical grinder

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS SYD: VBM Piccolo & OE Pharos 68mm conical grinder

    Time to sell some of my coffee gear. Up for sale today is my e61 VBM Piccolo and Orphan Espresso Pharos 68mm conical grinder.

    The grinder is just over 1.5 years old and I’ve been in possession of the VBM for the last 2years. I am the second owner of the VBM. Both are in great condition and over this time have only been used on weekends.

    Used together, they really do give you the best chance of getting a “god shot” at this price point. The e61 group head provides great temperature stability and has been SCACE calibrated during the last service. I also confirmed the pressure setting with Greg Pullman’s portafilter pressure guage.

    I like to keep the machines in good condition as they are a focus item in the kitchen. The VBM is backflushed after every session and chemical backwash every 2 weeks. Full descale every 6 months but I doubt it needs it this often. They are sold new at over $1500 by our forum sponsors.

    The OE Pharos is hard to get due to limited supply and currently costs over $350 if you can get one landed here. It's a great grinder and brings a lot of hidden flavour from the beans.

    Keen to sell as a package as this represents a great starter set or a set up for an espresso drinker (like me). For beginners, this will provide the temperature stability you require without having to “temperature surf” the Silvia. One less thing to worry about.

    $900 for the VBM Piccolo and OE 68mm conical grinder. Prefer local SYD pick up

    Click image for larger version

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    Great package for the price , especially if you like to drink your coffee black,

    Good luck with the sale, this wont last long


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      Originally posted by cleanCup View Post
      especially if you like to drink your coffee black,
      Can't see your reasoning for saying that.
      The VBM will handle steaming milk very well.
      I'd love to be able to convince my son to go with this offer, but I think his SWMBO will step in.
      Alex, if you get the need to sell these separately, I'll have first dibs on the Pharos.
      I'm just 2 hours north of Syd in the Hunter area, so anything's possible eh?


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        Yes correct they have plenty of steam power , if you drink mainly black coffee then you will benefit from the grind the Pharos produces and no need for a double boiler or Hx machine , I was complimenting the machine not trying to fault it , I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say , have a fantastic day
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          Thank you both. I took both comments as complementary to the machine. It's got plenty of steam power and I've regularly steamed milk for 2-4.

          Kevo you've got first dibs on the grinder. I'll leave it for a week until I split them up as they work so well together as a package


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            Is this pickup only?

            I might be interested if you are willing to ship to the US.


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              Happy to ship anywhere provided funds are received first. I don't have the original boxes but can take the machine to the nearest "pack and send" courier.


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                Lots of enquiries to split up the package. For a quick sale (2 week holiday starts on Christmas day):
                Pharos: $180 (Kevo has first dibs)
                VBM: $750
                If it doesn't sell I'll readvertise after the new year.

                I also have an ISOMAC Professionale Granmachinino doserless grinder available for $200 or together with the VBM for $900. This came from a machine I bought on impulse a couple of weeks ago and has only had 1 year of weekend use. Good grinder that grinds fine enough for espresso. Exterior body is incredibly shiny and unmarked. Looks to be a 2010 model
                Click image for larger version

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                  Hi Alex

                  I am interested in the pair...

                  How old is the VBM please? Who has serviced it?

                  And where are you located?

                  Cheers Robert


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                    Hi Robert.
                    I bought the VBM from Adelaide and am the second owner. There isn't a build date but the 1st owner purchased it in 2010.
                    This has the e61 group head and is very serviceable with commercial parts.
                    The service was completed in ADL by a non sponsor of the site and included a e61 group head service.
                    I'm in Surry Hills, Sydney. I'll PM you my number


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                      VBM has been sold and picked up.

                      OE Pharos has been reserved by Kevo.

                      Isomac grinder is available but I'll readvertise in the new year.

                      Thank you for your interest.