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!!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - FS - Conti Prestina lever Melb

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  • !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - FS - Conti Prestina lever Melb

    Hi Snobs,

    I am listing here Rick's restored Conti Prestina, with the kind permission of Andy, to increase visibility for this one-off rebuild. Inquires can be directed to me via PM or to Rick directly via his sponsor thread.

    I work with Rick on a regular basis and have been a part of this restoration off and on. I've lifted his description directly from the sponsor thread below.

    Originally posted by coffee_machinist
    One more single group commercial lever project is up for sale, this time my Conti Prestina. The late model Conti lever group is one of my all time favourite bits of espresso engineering.

    The Prestina itself is a pretty rare beast, and this is the only one I know of in Oz, and getting quite collectible I dare say. It's had the Coffee Machinist treatment, ie. a thorough rebuild going back to bare chassis and paint. In perfect working and excellent cosmetic condition. The only non-original machine part is the drip tray underneath the grill. Many parts were ordered directly from Conti for the restore, including a group spring, all seals / gaskets including a few spares, and a new nakedised portafilter. There are two original portafilters.

    I'd encourage anyone interested in a functional modern classic to get in touch with questions or to arrange a demo.

    Price is $3600 plus GST.
    Freight is an option for those interstate, at buyer's expense, it will go on a small pallet.

    Ciao, Pip
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    I can't believe that this machine is still here!
    Its probably the only one of its type in the country and has had the Rick Bond Loving treatment!!!!
    Theres no better statement of quality!
    There also the fact that they don't make these anymore, so resale will always be good if you want to get something else and unload this machine.

    I'm im a bit cash strapped at the moment otherwise I would have already bought this machine or his one group Boema lever!
    All the best with the sale.


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      Exactly! Rare and beautiful working single group lever, what more can you ask? I'm dreaming to have one of these. At that price it's a bargain! Too bad I lack the bits otherwise I'd have bitten too.


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        Thanks guys for the kind words. I really am in no rush to part with these babies but as a business, sadly I have to turn them over eventually and see a return. Always sad to see them go but there is always the next project...

        For those perhaps expecting the price to slowly drop to peanuts, not happening. There is way too much invested in these restorations and I am happy to sit on them and enjoy them in the meantime!