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!!!SOURCED!!! - WTB Orphan Espresso Pharos Grinder

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  • !!!SOURCED!!! - WTB Orphan Espresso Pharos Grinder

    Hi CoffeeSnobbers

    I am after an OE Pharos hand-grinder after the death of my Smart Grinder and a desire to go the hand ground route.
    With buying direct currently ruled out due to stock I am hoping someone has grown tired of the manual process and is looking to part ways. I promise it is going to a good home, and exchange rate considered, I am willing to pay up to $300 - $350 based on condition and location.

    Thanks in advance

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    Keep on checking OE as the Pharos comes in and out of stock now and then. They sometimes only get parts for a small run of grinders hence the difficulty in grabbing one. I bought one new from them around 6 months ago and will never sell it :P This should be both good and bad news to you. Have you shot them an email? As they can usually give you a rough indication of lead time. Your budget should be enough for a new one including shipping unless their pricing has changed.


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      Contradict to the above, I would recommend against emailing them about this. OE is a small two-person company and they're busier than one-arm paper hanger as it is. They're probably bogged up with emails about their current products, product issues, and due to their expertise - questions about vintage machines restoration and parts, on top of million other things to do on their list. Sending email about this(which can be solved with a little patience) will either (i) gets no reply (ii) if they reply, takes up their time to respond to other email with more urgency (iii) The response will be in the line that "we're not sure about when the next batch is available'. The availability depends a lot on external factor out of their control

      Just keep checking their website and I found that they usually stock up the Pharos at their night time - our day here in Oz.
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        No doubt, Doug and Barb get absolutely hammered but they seemed happy enough to reply to my email. I did as you suggested and just kept checking their website for a month or two, and it was only till I emailed them I found it was because they were doing a big run of Lido's. I was happy enough to wait a while longer but Mike might not be, hence why I recommended contacting them. They were even nice enough to (unprompted) let me know when they had a few Pharos' available.


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          I have one that I bought about 6 months ago from another cs member(jmc) and have not used it as I got the HG 1.If your interested you can have it for what I paid $XXX per site posting policy please make all offers privately + delivery.Mick.
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            Patience is not my strength, I have been checking their site and waiting for stock for a few weeks and read that the Lido 3 is taking precedent.

            I have however now purchased one through a CS'er. Thanks for the replies.