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!!!WITHDRAWN!!! - FS: Isomac Granmacinino & Krups 989

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  • !!!WITHDRAWN!!! - FS: Isomac Granmacinino & Krups 989


    I bought this Isomac Granmacinino grinder about 7 months ago and have just upgraded to an Hg One.

    So i can say that I have found the Isomac to be a very solid little grinder. It holds about 300g and is doserless, with a button under the chute that allows you to grind straight into the portafilter.

    it is compact, shiny & has shown no signs of failure. Very little plastic.
    It has been kept clean and well looked after. Our affair has been brief but loving!

    There is a crack on the base of the hopper that has been there since I've owned it. The crack has not increased in size nor , I believe, has it prevented the grinder from doing what it should.

    I'm in Melbourne, (east), and would prefer a local buyer. Happy to meet up closer to the city, but a pick up would of course be fine too. Asking $220.

    i also have a lovely old Krups 989. I bought it in 1997, and it has served beautifully until 2 years ago when the group seal perished. I've not been able to replace it, but suspect a pre millennium Pavoni seal may do the trick. Other than that, it shows no signs of slowing down.

    This can go to the buyer for $0. I'd just love to think the old girl was still in action as it was about the first thing I bought when I started working.

    I think this could be a nice start up package, (provided you can replace the seal). The grinder could serve you for years to come unless you , as I and many others have done , fall into the relentless grip of upgraditis!

    All the best.

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    A photo of the burrs, the crack & the Krups!
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      Price drop to $200.

      take or leave the Krups.

      I can have it delivered at buyers expense.


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        Shortblackman ,
        Postage of krups group handle to 3690 and collection of machine when next down in town,please?


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          Hi Mick

          pm sent


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            Grinder & espresso machine both still available til Tuesday, at which time machine (krups) will be withdrawn.


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              The Krups has been spoken for.

              Grinder still available.


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                Price drop $190.

                Have a dip!


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                  Oh dear.
                  Price drop $180.

                  A little champion, really!


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                    This is a great first grinder for someone starting out; at that price especially given that a new replacement is worth more than twice the asking price.
                    Per Site Sponsor Coffee Parts listing, for example... Isomac Granmacinino Doserless espresso coffee grinder in Australia |



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                      A Snob has inadvertently alerted me to something which is probably misleading in my description. I bought the grinder 7 months from the first post ie probably 9 months now, but I got it 2nd hand. It's manufacture date is 2007.

                      so it's about 8 YEARS old.
                      I've had it since mid/ late last year.

                      naturally I can't say how much coffee's been through it, but it does still do its job very well.

                      sincere apologies for misleading anyone.



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                        I've withdrawn this item.