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!!!SOLD!!! - FS: Hottop KN-8828B-2K - with temperature probe and datalogger upgrade

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - FS: Hottop KN-8828B-2K - with temperature probe and datalogger upgrade


    I'm looking to sell a 6 month old Hottop KN-8828B-2K - with the temperature probe and datalogger upgrade (Victor 86B multimeter).

    It was purchased on Sept22, 2014 and still has close to 6 months warranty. The temperature probe was installed by the Hottop Australian Distributor, so is also covered in the warranty. 

    The Hottop B has done 65 roasts and is in excellent condition and will ship in original box. The current rear filter has done 15 of the recommended 50 roasts and the top filter has done 65 of the recommended 100 roasts. I also have unused replacement rear and top filters that are included in the price.

    I paid approx $1600 for the system (with shipping) and was lucky enough to get in at a good time, as the price is now around $1950 for the same setup ... guessing the drop in aussie dollar might be the reason for this increase in retail price.

    I live near Mackay, Queensland and anyone interested is more than welcome to come out for a roast. I have also included a few pics and a 25 min movie (200mb movie) of a roast I did recently (March28, 2015), so interested people can get a good idea of the current working condition of this little roaster. I'm not real flash on the video stuff, so anyone downloading might notice the vid starts to the right ... after 30secs it normalises.

    Reason for selling: relocating overseas and worried about power differences, customs and shipping hassles.

    Price: $1000 - buyer also pays for shipping.
    A quick search on the Pack n Send site, shows that shipping to major destinations is reasonable. eg $38 to Brisbane incl insurance

    PS: it should be noted that upon startup, there are sometimes a few squeaks as the drum rotates. I looked into this and was advised that it is normal. Additionally, as soon as the heating elements get warm, the squeaks go away.
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    Hi there, you have a great set up there! A couple of questions. Where did you buy the machine from and would you mind letting me know the weight and dimensions of the box please so I can determine shipping cost down to Melbourne? cheers!


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      PM sent earlier, thanks.


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        Hi Bubbacullen1

        Sorry mate ... the Hottop has already sold.

        To answer your questions though ... I bought the machine through Ministry Grounds and the dimensions are 55 x 42 x 32 - weight is 11kg in the box.

        All the best