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!!!SOLD!!! - Rocket R58

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  • !!!SOLD!!! - Rocket R58

    We are leaving the country for a few years, to work in the US. So, we are either going to sell our R58 or else it will have to go into storage for that time, which seems like a waste! Its a 2013 model, bought new, well looked after and fully serviced two months ago by Espresso Doctor, Fortitude Valley. If we weren't leaving, we wouldn't be selling as it is an excellent machine and plenty good enough for us. We almost only ever make ristretto or espresso, so the wand is almost unused, and we only run one boiler. The PID still has the protective plastic label on it - thats how little we have played with temperature and boiler controls. Also have all accessories and plumbing hoses etc, in original accessories package:

    • 1 x Plumb-in Kit
    • 1 x Complete Single Portafilter (Group Handle)
    • 1 x Complete Double Portafilter (Group Handle)
    • 1 x Blind Filter Basket for back-flushing
    • 1 x Group Head Brush
    • 1 x Plastic Coffee Scoop (!)
    • 1 x Aluminium Tamper

    We are based in Brisbane, so really it would have to be local pickup only? Unless someone desperately wants to pay for postage!

    Price is $3000.
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    Not meaning to troll or anything, but that batch of Kombucha next to the machine isn't coffee flavoured is it? I guess your scoby won't be going with you? In all seriousness though if I managed to sell my current machine to help pay for the purchase I would be seriously considering this as I am also in Brisbane. Perhaps I need to list my machine asap. Good luck with the sale, she's a beauty of a machine for a lucky buyer who comes along quick.


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      The scoby isn't coffee flavoured, no. It is good though - its my wife's. We probably won't be taking the scoby with us - would you like it? It would be free to a good home, as we would hate to just dump it after all the love and attention it had had!


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        The scoby sure does look very good and well cared for. I agree it shouldn't go to waste they are like having a pet. My partner said she was interested in picking it up. I will PM you.


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          admin please mark this as sold. Its now in my hands


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            SOLD to gonzo89! Sorry, I am not able to edit the first post, so if a Mod could update it, would be appreciated.